Walker Season 2, Episode 15, “Bygones,” Recap & Spoilers

The following contains spoilers for Walker Season 2, Episode 15, "Bygones," which aired Thursday, April 28 on The CW.

Life has been completely thrown into disarray for the Walker family over the past several weeks during their longstanding feud with the rival family, the Davidsons. Following a disastrous horse race, the Walker family’s ancestral ranch has been relinquished to the Davidsons. Meanwhile, Walker and his girlfriend, Geri Broussard, decide to take some time apart to reevaluate their relationship after they learned that Geri is Gale Davidson’s long-lost daughter, complicating the family feud further.

While out on a stakeout together, Walker and his new partner, Cassie Perez, compare notes on their respective personal lives since the events of the local fair. Cassie is making peace with her relationship with her old captain and unresolved feelings over her missing partner, Miles, while Walker feels betrayed that Geri seemed to favor the Davidsons instead of his family after he learned about her true parentage. Geri has since left for a girls’ trip as Walker contemplates his relationship with her moving forward before the two arrest their suspect, who is linked to counterfeiting and crypto heists.

Captain James deduces that the counterfeiting ring is linked to the bank robber gang Walker infiltrated while working undercover, the Rodeo Kings, with the figure Eric Davies named as the main person of interest. In exchange for an early parole, Twyla Jean, Walker’s old contact in the Rodeo Kings, agrees to help Walker investigate the counterfeiting ring, leading to another undercover assignment. Walker doubts Twyla can be trusted in reuniting with Davies, though Cassie feels that Walker’s recent acrimony with Geri is clouding his judgment on the job.

Stella has gotten into college but is worried about the high out-of-state tuition costs as the rest of the Walker family continues searching for a new home and spends time with Colton Davidson, venting her frustrations. The two notice poisonous hemlock starting to overgrow the old Walker ranch and convince Bonham and Dan Miller to temporarily set aside their differences to clear out the harmful brush for the livestock’s sake. The two patriarchs manage to reconcile somewhat as they work together, with Dan observing he is genuinely happy that Bonham is recovering from his recent cancer treatments after losing his own father to cancer years ago.

Captain Larry James reconnects with his ex-wife for coffee, with the old couple tacitly resuming their relationship while officially maintaining their marital distance. As James and August commiserate over their recent romantic woes, Trey Barnett decides to help both of them. Trey takes the two men with him to a rage room to work out their pent-up frustrations and be honest with themselves and their struggles. Appreciative of the experience, Larry offers to bring Trey on to perform similar service for the rest of the Rangers under his command before finally reconciling in a heart-to-heart with his ex-wife.

Walker privately comes clean with Twyla over his suspicious treatment over her just before she appears to betray him and Cassie to Davies. As the two prepare to make off with the money that the Rangers used as bait for the counterfeiters, Twyla reveals that she is actually still working with the Rangers, with Walker and Cassie overpowering the counterfeiters. Making good on their promise, Twyla is released from prison where she and Walker forgive each other and prepare for a fresh start completely honest with each other.

Developed for television by Anna Fricke, Walker airs Thursdays at 8pm ET/PT on The CW.

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