Tower of God Chapter 517 Gives the Supporting Characters a Chance to Shine

The following contains spoilers for Tower of God, Chapter 517, by SIU, now available on Webtoon.

Chapter 517 marked the 100th Chapter in Season 3 of Tower of God and it has definitely been one of the more eventful seasons in the series so far. This season has been especially important for supporting characters both existing and new. Older characters like Mule Love finally got to show off their skills while new characters like Cha and the Baylord Brothers quickly won over fans with their personalities and powers. So it is fitting that the 100th Chapter is mostly used to set up supporting characters and their upcoming plights.

One of the characters that quickly became a fan favorite is the bubblegum-loving Khun Asensio. Reader's met his digital version in Season 2, but he was officially introduced in Season 3. He immediately captured attention with his quirky and chill disposition. It was revealed in Season 2 that he is one of the stronger members of the Khun Family, known as the Spear Master throughout the Tower. The digital younger version of him was already strong enough to clear a grand quest all by himself and since he is now a High Ranker, he is even more powerful.

Asensio appeared in this chapter to save Bam and his team from Jahad Army soldiers who are supposed to guard Ha Jinsung and the suspendium. Even though Asensio’s rampage was only shown off-screen, the fact that he killed every single soldier without even a scratch on him was a testament to his ability, as well as the ruthlessness underneath his casual appearance. He currently is on the side of Maschany, so he cannot be trusted. But, he also seems so nice to Aguero that it’s hard to find him threatening, though he certainly can kill most people on Bam’s team without batting an eye.

Another scary presence in this chapter was Lyborick and the Lo Po Bia Family members entering the Cat Tower. It appears that the Lo Po Bia family is sending in their next generation of Branch Leaders candidates to train in Jahad’s Army and prepare to take over the family business. Branch Leaders are the strongest members within the Ten Great Families so they are definitely strong, which makes everyone still trapped in the Cat Tower in a great deal of danger. This is especially true for Yu Hansung and Lo Po Bia Lefav who were running directly into Lyborick and company without Evankhell.

In the meantime, Evankhell was being teleported into another part of the Cat Tower, where Mule Love was confronting another Lo Po Bia’s Branch Leader candidate, Sicarius, who seems to be a spider human. Sicarius’ design is definitely one of the best in the series so far, while he looks grotesque and threatening, he also wears a tracksuit that undercuts his coolness. Though he is definitely not a weakling, able to easily trap Love in his spider webs in a matter of seconds.

But his cool introduction is cut short by Evankhell, who always has the most stylish entrance accompanied by a lot of flames, and now she had her eyes on roasting Sicarius’ legs. As spider webs are easily flammable, Evankhell is likely the natural enemy of someone like Sicarius. But it seems that his backup is on the way, so Evankhell may not have such an easy time dealing with whoever is coming next.

Tower of God Evankhell's entrance

This chapter was mostly a setup for upcoming battles, first between Yu Hansung, Lefav, and Lyborick, and second with Evankhell and Sicarius. There are many unknowns involved in both battles since we have never seen Lyborick fight, though, given the fact that he is an Army Commander, he should not be easy to take down. While the outcome of Evankhell and Sicarius seems easy to predict, the person coming through the warp gate with the Lo Po Bia Army will add a great deal of uncertainty.

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