Ayashimon’s Most Horrific Character Finds New & Creepy Inspiration

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Ayashimon Chapter 7, "You'll Make a Pretty Piece" by Yuji Kaku, Adrienne Beck, Brandon Bovia, available in English via Viz Media.

Chapter 7 of Ayashimon opened with Ten returning from a food run. He along with Urara and Maruo have taken up residence at an abandoned bar in the wake of Maruo's fight with Ten's former boss at their office. Not only has Ten helped out, but so have the other gang members. They're shown cleaning the bar, saying that they don't mind because with their boss gone, there's nothing else to do. Urara buttered them up by calling them "manly Ayashimon" and thanking them. She then turned around quickly and admonished them for missing some dust.

Maruo, meanwhile, has been sitting on a nearby couch reading manga for 12 hours. He quickly finished another volume and wanted to go grab the next one, but one of the gang members advised against going out. On the roof, the group looked down on the streets of Shinjuku where men in dark suits were skulking about. Urara pulled a strand of hair from her head, creates a loop, and looks through it at one of the men. She noted the pin on his lapel, saying they're from the Enma Syndicate. She then figured out that the Onmyo Agents have leaked their presence to Chairman Doppo. Ten assured them that there's nothing to worry about, saying that if one of the major groups makes a move, the others will retaliate.

Unfortunately, the Enma Syndicate has already begun making their move against all opposers or anyone who give them information on Urara and Maruo. Most of the targets are small-time criminal groups who are backed by one of the four larger yakuza groups. Mizuha took a dremel to one guy's head before exploding his limbs and having him taken to her lab. When the criminal warned that the attack would start a war, Mizuha explained that the war has already started. Members of the Enma Syndicate are taking similar actions to other groups backed by their competitors.

As Urara and the others go to head back inside, they are met by Chairman Doppo himself coming up to the roof. They have been found via some sort of mirror owned by a member named Ungaikyo. Urara feigned ignorance at who Doppo is, but he knew she was lying. He told her she'd make a pretty piece before formally introducing himself to the whole group. Ten began groveling, but Urara kept her cool and says they were just looking around. Doppo played along but tells her to look down at his car on the street. When she did, she saw Hashihime inside, and her reaction is exactly what Doppo was hoping for. He ordered that the group be taken, with Urara riding with him in his car. He went to grab her, noting that she smelled funny before Maruo walked up and punched him in the face.

Despite feeling the impact of the hit, Doppo dodged the punch and grabbed Maruo's wrist. Doppo is impressed with Maruo's strength, noting how he must be the muscle while Urara is the brain. He unleashed an attack on Maruo's arm, who says it feels hot, but then it gets cold. Doppo then says all he needs is Urara, so he'll just kill Maruo before taking her. Maruo, however, is excited to have another interesting fight.

The next chapter of Ayashimon will be available on Sunday, January 16th. 

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