The Vampire Dies in No Time Premiere: Vampire & Hunter Form an Accidental Alliance

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 1, "The Hunter Comes and Flies in the Sky," now streaming on Funimation.

The anime's title says it all – the Dracula (or “Dralc”) in The Vampire Dies in No Time is no longer a legendary horror. In fact, merely sucking blood from his prey makes Dralc tired enough to burst into a useless heap of sand. Meanwhile, the heralded hunter Ronaldo -- desperate to maintain his image as a vampire hunter -- similarly breaks the stereotype of the stoic, selfless hero. Even more unusual is their surprising chemistry as unfriendly cohorts.

Based on the 2015 manga, fall 2021's newest anime The Vampire Dies in No Time feeds off the juxtaposition of its two leads, Dralc and Ronaldo, and their escapades in a paranormal modern setting. The parody dishes out an abundance of jokes and gags poking fun at the goofy vampire and his desperate hunter. In the midst of random chaos, the two end up accidentally tied together, becoming a ludicrous team.

The Vampire Dies in No Time’s first episode immediately sets Ronaldo out on a quest to track down a missing child and confront Dralc. However, when he finds the “invincible” vampire, he’s quite dumbfounded by Dralc's pathetic fragility. Though he’s but a pitiful otaku obsessed with video games, Dralc lives up to his reputation as an immortal who can easily revive himself post-defeat.

The show relies heavily on the gag of Dralc dying on repeat, but also introduces Ronaldo as a despairing brown-noser, dramatically worried about his reputation as a famed vampire hunter. In addition to scouting for work, Ronaldo markets his autobiography which chronicles his adventures. It’s unlikely, however, that he will write about his true run-in with the infamous Dralc.

Both frazzled by their atypical encounter, Dralc and Ronaldo are caught up in chaos. Their comedic meeting literally ends in flames, with Dralc's mansion burning down. Thus, Dralc winds up on Ronaldo's doorstep marking him responsible for his sudden homelessness. The two are then suddenly thrown into a situation where they must handle a wannabe vampire as a pair.

According to Dralc and Ronaldo’s explanation, there are all kinds of vampires in Vampire Dies who can bite and turn others, but the venom of lesser monsters isn’t powerful and only requires a shot from the hospital to cure. Nevertheless, Ronaldo is tasked with convincing the pseudo-vampire that he shouldn’t want to be one – presenting the feeble Dralc to dissuade him instead.

By the end of Episode 1, the press hones in on Ronaldo’s encounter, suddenly believing Dralc was acting as the vampire hunter’s newest recruit to join the Ronald Vampire Hunter Agency. Despite his uselessness, Dralc instantly takes credit and Ronaldo is left speechless, unable to talk down the avid reporters from their excitement over a hunter and vampire team.

While Ronaldo initially sought to destroy Dralc as a monster, his arm has now been twisted into adopting him as a sort of intern at his agency – or at least maintaining a guise that he is. This awkward alliance sets the premise for The Vampire Dies in No Time, but also instigates opportunities for Dralc’s loyalty to be tested. Will he grow to be a helpful partner to Ronaldo, or will he betray the vampire hunter as a nefarious bloodsucker?

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