Classic Ronin Warriors Anime Gets Blu-ray Release

The colorful samurai of Ronin Warriors are coming to Blu-ray.

Discotek Media announced that new 1080p, Blu-ray release of the classic action-anime on the company's official Facebook page. The new release of the series will include all 39 episodes of the original TV series, available with both the original Japanese audio track with subtitles, and the show's English dub. The Blu-ray will also feature the 11 OVA (original video animation) episodes, as well as a collection of opening and ending sequences, TV promos, trailers and a featurette that shows how the new Blu-ray release's full HD video compares to the series' previous DVD releases.

Ronin Warriors originally premiered in Japan under the title Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers. The series was produced by animation studio Sunrise, which is best known for its work on the Gundam franchise, but has also produced other acclaimed anime series, such as Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop. A localized version of the series for North American audiences was produed by Graz Entertainment and was distributed by Cinar, a Montreal-based company specializing in children's entertainment. This version of the show was syndicated on numerous cable channels in the United States throughout the mid and late '90s, most notably on Sci-Fi Channel in 1995 and as part of Cartoon Network's Toonami block in 1999. While some channels in North America aired episodes of the heavily serialized show out of order, the series nonetheless built up a dedicated cult following.

The series focuses on the titular team of Ronin Warriors, a group of color-coded samurai who can wear mystically-powered armor that grants each of them control over one of nature's primary elements. With the aid of the teacher Mia Koji and a mysterious monk known only as The Ancient One, the five young ronin must learn to work together and master the abilities granted to them by their armor to defeat the Empire of Doom and their leader, Argo. The dark emperor is supported by his four warlords, who are also equipped with magical armor sets and weapons of their own.

Discotek Media is an anime distributor that specializes in re-releasing classic and out-of-print titles. The company also recently announced that it is bringing the classic Go-Bots anime to the West, and earlier this year the company also announced new re-releases of several hard-to-find classic anime titles, including Project A-Ko and a collected boxset of the anime adaptations of SNK's Fatal Fury fighting game series.

The new Blu-ray set is currently available for preorder and will be released on Dec. 28.

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