Spider-Man No Way Home: Every Villain, Ranked By Introduction

Spider-Man: No Way Home is a wild ride with plenty of excitement and surprises throughout the entirety of the film. The third installment of the MCU Spider-Man movies is not only tons of fun but it provides fans with plenty of classic Spider-Man villains from the Raimi-Verse and Webb-Verse.

While the final showdown involved multiple villains (and heroes), each one gets at least a few seconds of solo screen time before another character enters the frame. Falling just shy of introducing the Sinister Six, the third Spider-Man movie still laid the groundwork for a future Sinister Six film, assuming Peter can overcome the result of the film's conclusion.


7 J. Jonah Jameson Makes Life Hell For Peter Throughout The Movie

J. Jonah Jameson giving two thumbs down

While Jameson is less of a villain and more of an annoying tabloid personality, his defamation of Peter Parker in Far From Home only continues in No Way Home. As fans are quickly reminded of the fallout from the Spider-Man sequel, the threequel continues that story as Jameson's voice can be heard in nearly every direction as Peter attempts to escape the media.

Jameson's Spider-Man coverage also seemingly turned him from a one-man studio to a full-blown production team in just a few weeks. Jameson is seen throughout the movie, trying to get incriminating shots of Spider-Man after all of his legal troubles casually disappeared thanks to a Mr. Matt Murdock, Attorney at Law.

6 Lizard Shows Up In The Shadows Of The Undercroft

The Amazing Spider-Man Lizard

Lizard's introduction into the MCU provided fans with a nice jump scare, but given Lizard's agility, strength, and speed in The Amazing Spider-Man, fans were really hoping to see the fight before his capture. Unfortunately for fans, when Peter is transported to the Undercroft, Lizard is already locked up, courtesy of Dr. Strange.

Once the portal closes, Peter doesn't have a lot of time to look around before Lizard lunges at him from his prison cell. Most fans were quite startled by Lizard's initial appearance before realizing that he had already been captured and couldn't reach Peter from within the cell.

5 Electro Powers Up With MCU Energy

Jamie Foxx's Electro in Spider-Man: No Way Home

After deciding upon a game plan with Dr. Strange, Ned, and MJ, Peter goes out looking for the rest of the villains who have crossed over into their universe. Peter tracks down Electro who now has a much more appealing look than his original blue hue.

Electro is seen powering up with new MCU energy and Peter attempts to catch him by surprise. However, the web meant for Electro phases right through him and accidentally sends a tree into one of the Undercroft's cells. Electro then redirects his focus onto Peter and might have even killed him if Sandman hadn't conveniently stepped in.

4 Sandman Initially Appears As An Ally

Sandman from truck fight scene in Spider-Man 3

While Sandman was a villainous character in the third Spider-Man film helmed by Sam Raimi, he first appears as an ally in the MCU. At Spider-Man 3's conclusion, Peter and Flint are on fairly good terms with Peter, forgiving Flint for murdering his uncle and then allowing him to escape authorities. Given their last interaction, it makes sense for Sandman to start as an ally.

However, Peter quickly explains that he is Peter Parker, but he isn't Flint's Peter, which only confuses him. Peter then transports Electro to the Undercroft prison, prompting Flint to lose trust in Peter and attack him before also ending up in the Undercroft.

3 The Green Goblin's Introduction Is Brief Yet Impactful

Green Goblin in the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer

While the Green Goblin's introduction is rather brief—especially compared to his villainous successor, Doc Ock—he manages to leave an impact on Peter before Peter and Otto are whisked away to the Sanctum Sanctorum's Undercroft. Just as Peter is wrapping things up with Doc Ock, he senses another threat, and fans are treated with a Goblin Grenade/Pumpkin Bomb that trickles down the freeway until it explodes.

Osborn is first seen in his classic Green Goblin outfit from the original Spider-Man movie. Even from under the mask, Willem Dafoe recaptures the terror that he was so good at displaying during his first run with the character. Shortly thereafter, Norman Osborn attempts to seek help and rid himself of his evil alter ego before delivering his most famous line from the original film ("You know, I'm something of a scientist myself"). However, just as Spider-Man and Otto are about to cure Norman, the Goblin retakes control and causes a wild calamity resulting in Aunt May's death, but also Spider-Man's true birth.

2 Doc Ock Is The First Interloper To Cause Peter Trouble

Dr. Otto Octavius probably has the most detailed introduction of any of the other villains shown in this movie. Peter's Spider-Sense can feel the incoming threat before people begin running past him on the freeway. After a few loud rumbles, one of Otto's robotic arms breaks through the suspended parkway. Alfred Molina's Otto Octavius is revealed, seemingly plucked from right before Peter electrocuted him in Spider-Man 2 as the lights on his robotic arms glow red rather than white.

The ensuing fight between Otto and Peter showcases some incredible cinematography and action. Just as Otto appears to have Peter on the ropes, he ends up absorbing some of the nanites from Peter's Iron Spider suit and prepares for the final blow. However, as Peter shifts his suit's particles from his head to his chest in order to protect himself from Otto's incoming claw spike, he reveals his face (not Tobey Maguire's face) to Otto. This prompts Octavius to pause his attack, giving Peter enough time to override the robotic arms with his suit's nanotech, providing Peter with complete control over the mechanical menaces.

1 Tom Hardy's Venom Makes A Surprise Appearance In The Mid-Credits Scene

While Tom Hardy's Venom didn't appear in the movie until the mid-credits scene, he is still an antagonist to Spider-Man, at least in the comics. Considering these two have yet to interact in the MCU or Sony-Verse, it remains to be seen how their relationship will be adapted on the silver screen. Venom's cameo was more comedic fan service than serious as he drunkenly asks his bartender about several of the super-powered people in the MCU. Venom then declares that they are drunk just before being sent home to their own universe in a whimsical flash of light, leaving the bartender with an unpaid tab.

However, the most important part of this cameo is that a small droplet of Venom is left behind in the MCU after Eddie Brock goes home. Fans got to see how a piece of the symbiote develops when separated from the main portion thanks to Venom 2 and the introduction of Carnage. However, it's unknown if the process is the same or even similar in the MCU. Though with the promise of more Spider-Man movies from Marvel and Sony, it's only a matter of time before Venom finds his way into the MCU, permanently.

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