Shonen Jump Round-Up: New Aug & Sept Titles, From Burn the Witch to Our Blood Oath

August and September have brought four new manga titles to Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump. Two of them come from well-established industry names: Bleach's Tite Kubo with Burn The Witch, and The Promised Neverland's Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu with Spirit Photographer Saburo Kono. The other two, Phantom Seer and Our Blood Oath, are the work of relative newcomers.

Here are Shonen Jump's newest titles from the past two months, and what you need to know about them.

Spirit Photographer Saburo Kono

In Spirit Photographer Saburo Kono, the titular photographer is a strange, reclusive man who moves next door to a young boy named Sota Koganei. When the two meet, Saburo tells a doubtful Sota that the apartment is haunted, and he has a special camera that can capture the spirits of the dead. Cue ooky spookiness!

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Shonen Jump New Manga Aug Sep
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Released August 16, Spirit Photographer is a one-shot from the creators of The Promised Neverland. With the latter having wrapped up earlier this year, the contained story is a welcome treat for fans of Shirai and Demizu's work. If popular enough, and if the duo has the creative drive to do so, it could well receive a full series order from Jump in the future.

Burn The Witch


Burn The Witch follows the dynamic teen witch duo, Noel and Ninny, who are tasked by the Wing Bind organization with keeping the population of Reverse London safe from dragon attacks. Along with the hapless dragonclad Balgo, the pair are keen to rise up the organization's ranks. However, it's not just mystical beasts they'll have to overcome to get there.

Set in the same world as Tite Kubo's Bleach, Burn The Witch began life also began life as a one-shot spinoff in 2018 before being expanded into a miniseries. The first chapter of the four-part manga was released on August 23 and concluded on September 13, though a "second season" is already on the way. Fans missing Noel and Ninny's adventures can watch the anime adaptation, which just arrived on Crunchyroll.-

Phantom Seer

Phantom Seer

As many popular Jump series of yesteryear have done, Phantom Seer is a demon-slaying tale. Iori Katanagi is a high school-aged shaman with great power and an overbearing older sister. When he meets Riki Aibestsu, who is a magnet for phantoms, he's disinterested in her plight at first but under his sister's orders, and the ever-present phantom threats at their school, the two form a ghost-hunting partnership.

Written by Togo Goto and illustrated by Kento Matsuura, Phantom Seer began as a one-shot that won 2018's Golden Future Cup. It started serialization on August 30, with new chapters releasing weekly every Sunday.

Our Blood Oath

Characters From Our Blood Oath

In Our Blood Oath, brothers Shin and Ko are bound by something thicker than blood. While Shin is human, Ko is a vampire. Unlike the rest of their family -- which is filled with powerful creatures of the night -- the pair decide to fight against their kin to protect humanity, using Ko's blood magic as an efficient slaying tool.

Starting as Red Pledge, a 2019 one-shot, Our Blood Oath is the creation of Kazu Kazaku. It began serialization on September 13, with new chapters releasing weekly every Sunday.

All of these titles are available in English from Viz Media.

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