Jujutsu Kaisen Kicks Off a Supernatural Clash of Curses & Sorcerers

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 1 of Jujutsu Kaisen, "Ryoumen Sukuna," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The first episode of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime introduces viewers to Itadori Yuuji and a world filled with dangerous Curses. Unfortunately for Itadori, the whirlwind of this new reality leads him to make a life or death decision that may have already sealed his fate.

The episode opens on a restrained and bloodied Itadori regaining consciousness and being asked, "So which one are you right now?" Sitting across from him is the blindfold wearing Gojou Satoru, who introduces himself as an instructor at Jujutsu Tech, which causes Itadori to ask about someone named Fushiguro. Gojou laughs off Itadori's concern for others before pointing out that he should focus on himself since he will be executed.

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Itadori Meets Gojou

We flashback to Itadori at school where he's part of the scrutinized Occult Club with fellow members Sasaki and Iguchi. Though Itadori's natural physical talent and immense strength make him a target for recruitment by the Track & Field coach, he prefers to spend the time with his friends. The schedule of the Occult Club also allows Itadori to visit his grandpa in the hospital.

Wandering around Itadori's school is Fushiguro, a student at Jujutsu Tech searching for a special-grade cursed object.  The appearance of creatures known as Curses doesn't deter Fushiguro, who seems to be the only one that can see them, but he's uneased by the presence of high-leveled Curses. Fushiguro crosses paths with Itador running off towards the hospital and feels the cursed energy coming from him.

Sadly for Itadori, his grandpa passes away, but not before they share a final conversation about how to live and die. Itadori's grandpa tells him to use his strength to help people, saving as many as he can, and die surrounded by others, unlike he did. In the hospital lobby, Fushiguro approaches Itadori and apologies for his loss but tells him they need to have an important conversation.

Curses form from large collections of negative human emotions or energy, making schools and hospitals hot spots, and they cause thousands of unexplained deaths. While cursed objects are sometimes placed in areas to ward off Curses, as the seals on them weaken, they begin to attract them instead. When Itadori reveals that his friends have the object and intend to examine it, Fushiguro warns that their lives are at risk.

Fushiguro Summons His Shikigami

Itadori and Fushiguro race towards the school, but Sasaki and Iguchi have already removed the seal to uncover a decrepit finger and are immediately descended upon by Curses. The immense pressure emitted from the Curses stuns Itadori as Fushiguro advises him to wait outside. Inside, Curses swarm Fushiguro, who quickly weaves a hand sign to summon a pair of black and white Demon Dogs, known as shikigami. While his dogs easily defeat the smaller Curses, Fushiguro spots a stronger Curse swallowing Itadori's friends.

Itadori Fights Back

Meanwhile, Itadori grows frustrated with himself for not helping, and after remembering his grandpa's parting words, pushes past his fear to use his strength to save his friends. As the Curse is about to consume the finger, Sasaki and Iguchi, Itadori acrobatically smashes through the window. In a flash, he punches the Curse and pulls his friends to safety as Fushiguro's shikigami tear the Curse to shreds. Impressed by Itadori's ability to see Curses, Fushiguro then explains that the finger belongs to Ryoumen Sukuna, which, if eaten, can increase a creature's cursed energy strength.

Before Itadori can give Fushiguro the finger, a high-level Grade 2 Curse phases through the ceiling and separates the group. Unfortunately, this catches Fushiguro off guard and he's slammed into a wall, causing his shikigami to melt away as he tells Itadori to run with the finger and his unconscious friends. Determined to live in the way his grandfather wanted him to, Itadori stays to help and surprisingly holds his own, but Curses can only be defeated by other Curses.

Sukuna Possesses Itadori

Backed into a corner, Itadori does the one thing he believes can help him save everyone -- he eats the finger in the hope of gaining cursed energy. Though Fushiguro thinks it will kill him, Itadori is instead possessed by Sukuna with strange markings and an additional pair of eyes appearing on his body. This one-in-a-million chance turns into a potential worst-case scenario, with Sukuna obliterating the Curse in a single move before setting his sights on inciting a massacre.

To Sukuna's surprise, Itadori resists his control and suppresses the powerful Curse trying to overtake his body. While they argue over who's in control, Fushiguro tells Itadori that under Jujutsu regulations, he'll have to exorcise him.

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