Ozark’s Explosive Ending, Explained

The following contains spoilers for Ozark Season 4, Part 2, now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix's Ozark finally came to an end after four riveting seasons, which found Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) and his family in the thralls of the Navarro cartel. This time, Marty had to contend with another inside threat, that of his undermining wife Wendy, as he tried to figure a way out of the money laundering game while keeping his family intact. Sadly, there were just too many moving parts involved, with Marty and his kids getting caught in between the corrupt FBI and the Mexicans, unable to escape without being killed.

What made things worse in Season 4, Part 2 was the arrival of Wendy's dad, Nathan, as well as Ruth's betrayal. She decided to take the Byrdes' casino after Wyatt's death and her subsequent inheritance. This led to a very explosive ending, where once more, the Byrdes realized nothing -- freedom included -- came without a cost.

The Byrdes' Family Remained Intact In Ozark Season 4

Part 2 had Nathan getting Charlotte and Jonah emancipated, prepping them for a move to North Carolina. He knew Wendy had something to do with Ben's disappearance, so the pastor felt being away from the manipulative Wendy would be best for them. However, Marty threatened to out Ruth's murderof Javi to the cartel if she didn't get his kids back.

Ruth eventually got Nathan to confess he was really taking the teens, not out of love, but to spite Wendy for her rebellious childhood. They eventually went back to Wendy, got her pulled from the mental health clinic Ben was once at, and cleared the air. With the new deal in place with the cartel and feds, the reunited Byrdes were finally free to go back to Chicago. It felt like kismet as well, given they all survived the car crash from the beginning of the season, accepting they were meant to be together.

A New Navarro Cartel Rose Up In Ozark Season 4

Camila came to town to sign off on the new deal, but she was still pissed off Javi, her son, was murdered. Omar took the fall in jail, wanting to send a message to his sister and everyone that he was strong, and that traitors like Javi would be killed. However, this was all the Byrdes' doing as they didn't want the Mexicans knowing Ruth killed Javi for murdering Darlene and Wyatt, ending their heroin trade. However, Camila had a dark side to her as well, as she ordered a failed assassination on her own brother in prison.

Wendy realized it was time to pick sides, and so, they brokered the aforementioned deal with the feds. Omar would be transported to a new facility, but Camila's inside guard ended up killing him. This meant she could take over as shadow leader of the cartel, with no one knowing Omar was gone. She'd inform to the feds, allow them gun and money seizures, while running the gang with Marty -- just like how Omar arranged before in a temporary hierarchy. Thus, no suspicions would be raised. Most of all, Camila got stocks from Clare and Shaw Medical, as well as a five-year deal to supply heroin for medical research, making her the most legit cartel boss ever.

Ruth Met A Grim Fate In Ozark Season 4

Unfortunately, the alliance still had kinks to work out. It all came to a head at Wendy's fundraiser, where she finally got the donors needed. This meant she'd control the Midwest, finally bringing her ambitions to life. However, Camila had one gripe -- Javi's death didn't add up based on the evidence the Byrdes provided. She knew Omar didn't do it, so she confronted Clare, whom Javi brokered the heroin deal with. Threatened and scared, Clare hid the Byrdes being witnesses, but admitted she saw Ruth murder Javi.

It led to an incensed Camila leaving the gala, confronting Ruth at the trailer park. She had earlier put things in place with her guards so the Byrdes couldn't warn their business partner. Camila didn't care that she got Ruth to launder money for them now that she controlled the casino -- revenge came first. A tearful Ruth admitted Javi was a monster who deserved it, only to be shot dead. This was heartbreaking as Ruth was finally renovating the land with her millions, seemingly having shaken the Langmore curse. She brought Rachel back to help her too, but alas, she died after burying the hatchet with Wendy over Ben -- something fans thought impossible.

Jonah Became A Villain In Ozark Season 4

Marty and Wendy eventually went home with the kids, expressing love for each after secretly learning Ruth was gone. However, they were confronted by Mel, the private investigator who dug up secrets about Helen and then, Ben. They thought they bribed him with a job with the Chicago cops, but he came back, broke in and found Ben's ashes. His conscience ate at him, so turning this in as DNA evidence to bring the Byrdes down was all that mattered.

Unfortunately, the show ended on a bleak note, with Jonah pulling a shotgun on Mel. He had to choose between saving his family or letting Mel go free. His parents gave him the sadistic look to pull the trigger, and so he did, with the screen cutting to black. The credits rolled without fans seeing Mel's death, but it was clear, despite years of trying not to become like his parents or Charlotte, Jonah officially stained his hands with blood. It came at a massive price, because he lost his innocence and left the Byrdes with more cleaning up to end the show.

See how the Byrdes' empire evolved in all four seasons of Ozark, now streaming on Netflix.

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