Bugsnax: How to Get Started With The Isle of Bigsnax DLC

When Young Horses released Bugsnax nearly a year and a half ago, it was among the first titles available for Sony's next-gen home console, the PlayStation 5. The indie developer aimed for a lighthearted adventure that would appeal to gamers of all ages and fully realized this vision after the game was met with predominantly positive reviews. During a Sony State of Play last fall, Young Horses announced a free DLC update scheduled for a spring release. With The Isle of Bigsnax now readily explorable, many players are eager to get started with the long-awaited expansion.

Following in the footsteps of many other content-heavy DLCs, The Isle of Bigsnax is accessible to both new and returning players. That said, its availability and setting come with a twist. Unlike some expansions that conveniently take place after the game comes to a close, the story of The Isle of Bigsnax happens concurrently with Bugsnax's main campaign. Despite the unusual placement, it serves more like a side mission rather than a full-fledged storyline with a lasting impact.

To unlock the short series of events that lead to the revelation of the mysterious new island, players have to fulfill certain conditions, which mainly revolve around running errands for several characters. While the base game encompasses nearly four dozen optional side-quests, some have become mandatory with the introduction of the latest DLC. In fact, the main cast of The Isle of Bigsnax requires the players to see their stories through before embarking on the exploratory voyage to uncharted shores.

Snorpy and Chandlo are among the Snaxburg residents whose storylines are tied to the new area. Players can complete their respective questlines upon the characters' arrival at the settlement. In a similar vein, having Floofty, Shelda, and Triffany move to Snaxburg while focusing on their requests will ensure that all pieces of the puzzle are set in place when the players decide to proceed with the expedition to the new island.

During the last portion of the game and before the final battle, Snorpy will report a concerning seismic activity when engaged in a conversation in Snaxburg. He will ask the players to join him and Chandlo in Simmering Springs to further discuss the matter. If the players have brought Floofty, Shelda, and Triffany back to the settlement at that point, they can seamlessly proceed to the second part of the quest. Upon returning to the beach, Chandlo will have built a raft, allowing the survey party to safely reach the shores of the isle of Bigsnax, otherwise known as Broken Tooth.

Returning players who have already beaten the main campaign and completed the respective side-quests can access the DLC with zero hassle. After loading their progress, they will be brought back before the point of no return, where they can interact with Snorpy in Snaxburg to start the new questline. Aside from the captivating biome that houses over a dozen never-before-seen gargantuan Bugsnax, The Isle of Bigsnax introduces collectible hats, over 100 challenges, 30 quests, and a brand-new addition to Snaxburg's growing infrastructure.

Grateful Snaxburg residents will show their appreciation for the players' hard work by presenting them with a hut within the settlement. At the heart of this exciting prospect lies the mailbox system, which primarily serves as a means of communication and a point of delivery for various decorative pieces. New and returning players can take on challenges and receive furniture or accessories for their humble abode with the help of the mailbox situated near the hut. Overall, The Isle of Bigsnax requires several hours of exploration if the players hope to make the most of everything it has in store.

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