Mob Psycho 100: How Reigen Turns Powerful Enemies Into Humble Apprentices

Fans of the supercharged Mob Psycho 100 may quickly find themselves liking Reigen Arataka -- Mob's well-dressed, con artist boss and mentor. The self-proclaimed "Greatest Psychic of the 21st Century" and owner of Spirits and Such Consultation Office, has a charm that enchants his loyal apprentice, but also powerful espers he encounters on their various exploits.

While not a distinguished psychic himself, Reigen continually proves that his hidden power can convince former villains to focus on doing good instead, not too dissimilar to Naruto's Talk no Jutsu.

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Mob Psycho 100 follows Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama, a young and incredibly powerful esper -- likely the strongest in the entire series. From the moment Mob first set foot in Reigen's office at Spirits and Such Consultation, he had an immense admiration for his boss. While no one may be as big of a fan of Reigen as Reigen, when you look past his slightly manipulative side, you can see the positive ways he has helped shape Mob into the person he is now. The con artist has an undeniable way with words, but there are more than a few times Reigen shares a genuinely valuable life lesson.

By the end of Season 1, Mob and his friends infiltrated Claw's hideout for a rescue mission with a series of gradually more difficult fights with the organization's upper echelon along the way. One of Mob Psycho 100's most unexpectedly hilarious moments comes from Reigen's surprise clash with a group of Claw's members who call themselves the Scars -- including Yusuke Sakurai and Muraki.

After Sakurai slashes Reigen with his katana, everyone is surprised to see him back on his feet so quickly. Since the blade did not affect him, Reigen assumes it's made of plastic -- it isn't -- and eventually snaps it in half. It's revealed that he has temporarily gained psychic powers from Mob and uses them to devastating effect. Despite Sakurai and Muraki explaining the reasons behind their criminal intentions, Reigen retorts with sobering words that hit the hardest. He criticizes the two for their egotistic mindsets, reminding them that all people are humans and having powers doesn't make you better than anyone. With that, both Sakurai and Muraki are defeated by Reigen's words and ultimately leave Claw.

Later Sakurai and another 7th Division Claw member -- Megumu Koyama -- end up helping Mob, and Muraki has taken Reigen's words to heart. After having his golden shoulder pads called accessories that serve no purpose, Muraki returns with new attire: a suit and tie like Reigen's. He even considers shadowing the master con-artist and learning his wise ways, but is ultimately stopped by his former fellow Claw members Mukai and Tsuchiya.

In the series' second season, Reigen again showcases that he needs no psychic powers to cause change and transformation in others. Before Mob's climactic battle with Claw leader Toichiro Suzuki, he faces off against the umbrella-wielding esper Katsuya Serizawa. However, Mob implores Reigen's ways of using his words to showcase the power of kindness and friendship. Of course, Mob also used 100% Friendship, which uncovers Serizawa's real inner conflict is his lifelong wish for true friends. After Mob shares his energy with Serizawa, he entirely switches allegiances, even saving Reigen from Suzuki's attacks soo after.

After Suzuki's arrest, Serizawa accepts Reigen's offer to work for him at Spirits and Such Consultation Office. He, like Muraki, suits up and is given a makeover by his new boss and mentor. In fact, along with starting work for Reigen, Serizawa's whole life is turned around. He and Mob start exorcising spirits together under Reigen's leadership to help make a better world, and the former Ultimate 5 Claw member enrolls in night classes.

Reigen Arataka, while a non-psychic con-artist, never fails to show his excellent effect on helping people find the truth and life lessons sometimes hard to hear. He has singlehandedly helped guide lost espers serving under a cruel leader back to reality, finding both themselves and their larger purpose.

The fan-favorite esper mentor has brand new adventures in his manga spinoff, Mob Psycho 100: Reigen, published in English by Dark Horse.