How Digimon Adventure 2020 Brings WarGreymon’s Game-Only Form Into the Anime

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 36 of Digmon Adventure 2020, "Operation Satellite Sniper," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Episode 36 of the Digimon reboot series makes good on its BlitzGreymon promise, introducing the alternate WarGreymon form into the franchise's anime canon for the very first time. What would have been a nice surprise was subtly spoiled at the tail-end of Episode 35. During the Digimon Encyclopedia segment, BlitzGreymon's silhouette popped up in the preview for the upcoming installment, indicating that the subspecies' arrival was imminent.

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Digimon Adventure 2020 WarGreymon
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Other than any Digimon evolution being cause for excitement in the franchise's fandom, whether old or new, BlitzGreymon's is particularly noteworthy because, until now, it's been a video game and TCG exclusive. As such, there are different methods of acquiring the form depending on which piece of media you're using. In Digimon Masters Online, for instance, BlitzGreymon can only be evolved from MetalGreymon Black. Digimon Adventure 2020's MetalGreymon is a standard version of the species, and yet, MetalGreymon is still able to access the red counterpart of WarGreymon in the series, though the circumstances hint it may be a purpose-built transformation.

Digimon Adventure 2020 BlitzGreymon

In "Operation Satellite Sniper," Izzy and Tentomon finally reconvene with Tai, Sora, T.K and Kari, along with their Digimon, to resolve the ISS problem that has been threatening Japan from above for some time. The falling debris from the space station is on-track to devastate Tokyo, but Izzy thinks that scaling a large tower connecting the Network to the real world will enable the group to knock it off-course. As the group ascends with the flying forms of their Digital partners -- MetalGreymon, Pegasusmon, AtlurKabeterimon and Garudamon (the non-aerial Tailmon helps out too) -- they're attacked by a gang of BladeKuwagamon. Though these Digimon are only at the Champion level, they can deal deathly blows to even Mega adversaries, which is why Tai and Izzy's group are so put-upon by them.

Their assault causes the group to split off, one by one, to hold them back while Tai, Izzy and their Digimon continue the climb, only to be stopped by MetallifeKuwagamon, an Ultimate Digimon that is a subspecies of Kuwagamon, as its name suggests. The well-armed humanoid helps draw BlitzGreymon out, but there's also a hint that the electrified tower itself might have a hand in MetalGreymon Alterous Mode's new upgrade -- as Izzy notes: "He adapted to his environment." Fittingly, all of the Mega cyborg's moves are to do with plasma or electricity. It deals a shocking blow to MetallifeKuwagamon, allowing Izzy and AtlurKabeterimon to venture further and complete the mission, averting another potential disaster in Tokyo by knocking the ISS detritus into the sea.

Digimon Adventure 2020 BlitzGreymon

It feels as though BlitzGreymon serves a specific role in the episode, but that might not necessarily mean this is the last we'll see of him. In fact, as those versed in Digmon gaming lore will know, his official arrival in the anime now opens up a clear path to a new Omnimon/Omegamon form, Omegamon Alter-S, along with WereGarurumon's own alternate Mega iteration, CresGarurumon, which is required to complete the fusion form. Let's just hope the other DigiDestined don't get even further left behind Tai and Matt's development as, with BlitzGreymon's introduction, Agumon already has two more Mega forms more than most of the gang.

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