Mieruko-chan: Miko’s Ominous Message Comes Full Circle

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 10 of Mieruko-chan, "Don't Look," now streaming on Funimation.

Though Miko’s adventures through the paranormal world have mostly been episodic, Mieruko-chan has introduced some notable plot points throughout its run. One of the series’ biggest questions comes in the form of the shrine spirits, their intentions and how they relate to Miko’s paranormal abilities. Though fans don’t get all the answers yet, Episode 10 gives provides a clearer idea of the significance these spirits have in the overall story.

Miko is continuously bothered by the disturbing female ghost haunting Zen, making it difficult for her to concentrate in class and throwing her off entirely. She's had to endure a lot since the start of Mieruko-chan, but having such a menacing spirit become a constant presence in her daily life is definitely having long-term negative effects on her.

Zen’s ghost isn’t just affecting Miko, either. With Hanna suffering from constant fatigue, Miko begins to wonder if the spirits haunting their substitute teacher are feeding on the former's immense life force. Though she herself doesn’t know it, Hanna seems to be the most at-risk person in class with Zen around.

Between constantly worrying about the ghost haunting Zen and Hanna’s susceptibility to the spirits around her, Miko is exhausted. No longer as sharp and observant as she usually is, she falls into a trap when encountering a spirit in the park. An aggressive spirit disguised as a child takes advantage of this growing fatigue and tries to attack her, catching her off guard. This is one of the few spirits to have shown violent intent toward Miko, displaying just how dangerous some of the ghosts in Mieruko-chan can be when acknowledged.

Mieruko chan anime Episode 10 Shrine Spirits appear

Luckily for Miko, the shrine maiden spirits once again come to her rescue. With this latest assist from the mysterious specters, Miko finally pieces together the meaning behind the “three times” message she was given following their first encounter. For whatever reason, the shrine spirits have only taken to aiding Miko in a life-or-death situation three times -- and she’s already used two of them.

While Miko has discovered the meaning behind the shrine spirits’ warning, it still doesn’t answer what they are and why they’re helping her to begin with. If they were simply benevolent spirits, one would assume they’d just come to her aid whenever she was in need. But Miko must now capitalize on her remaining assist, using the spirits to once again navigate the terrifying and new world she’s found herself a part of.

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