How My Senpai Is Annoying Sets Up Season 2

My Senpai is Annoying is an all-new office rom-com series starring the tiny but tough tsundere Igarashi Futaba, and over the span of 12 episodes, she strove not only to impress her co-workers and prove herself but also win the heart of her gentle giant senior co-worker Takeda Harumi. Easier said than done.

Season 1 set up a handful of heartfelt and compelling storylines and unresolved conflicts, although it ended on a high note, as Igarashi felt optimistic about the future and what it held for her. Indeed, almost nothing was truly resolved in Season 1 of My Senpai is Annoying, and this means that a potential Season 2 will have a lot of material to work with, especially if new characters are added to the mix. How can Season 2 continue what Season 1 started?

The Romantic Ball Is In Takeda Harumi's Court

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For most of Season 1, the main romance was one-sided, with Igarashi outwardly denying her blossoming crush on Takeda and striving to impress him somehow. It's true that Takeda once took care of Igarashi when she fell ill and vice versa, but that's almost entirely platonic. So far, Takeda has been defined mostly by his cheerful confidence, competence at work and generally friendly attitude with everyone, and he seems unaware of Igarashi's true feelings about him.

Still, while Takeda may be a bit dense, he's not stupid, and a potential Season would almost definitely show Takeda holding up his end of the romance before long. Surely he will recognize Igarashi's feelings and dig deep to see just how fiercely he returns them. It's time for him to become Mr. Romantic and push the romance to its next phase.

Kazama Sota & Sakurai Toko Are Also Ready For More

Igarashi's and Takeda's relationship isn't the only one blossoming in the office this year. The gamer kuudere Kazama Sota can't deny his growing feelings for the lovely and kind Sakurai Toko, but expressing those feelings will be tough for an aloof and cool guy like him. He has made some appreciable effort with his new relationship with Sakurai so far, but there's a lot of work ahead of them, and both characters seem ready for it. After all, they spent New Year's Eve together at Sakurai's apartment and visited the shrine the next day, and they both seem eager for more.

Potentially, Season 2 will show Sakurai and Kazama taking things to the next level, where either or both of them will make a grand romantic gesture that clearly announces them as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Sakurai Yuto May Inspire The Couples With His Hard Work

Sakurai Toko's kid brother Yuto has an interest in sports but doesn't feel too confident about it just yet. He can't decide which sports team at his school to join, if any, and he's afraid of being made fun of. So, he started training with Kurobe Natsumi, Igarashi's friend, and started to build up his confidence. He also watched his sister's friends play basketball and felt inspired by what he saw, which bodes well for the boy's character arc.

It's possible that in Season 2, the tables will turn, and Yuto's optimistic confidence in sports will inspire the story's four lovebirds to bravely take the next step in their relationship at last. Yuto may be just a kid, but he's working hard and has strong passions, which can set a fine example for any adult.

Igarashi Futaba May Take On A Serious Challenge At Work

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Igarashi's character arc includes not only her budding romance with Takeda but also her growth as an office employee, and she wants to prove herself in both arenas. At the end of Season 1, she felt confident about the future of her career, and she relishes challenges. Given how driven and ambitious she is, it's likely that in Season 2, Igarashi will seek out greater challenges at the workplace, and take bigger risks in her developing career.

She may do this not only to satisfy her own ambitions but also to impress Takeda and get him to take her more seriously. This challenge could become a central plot point in Season 2, where Igarashi will either reach new heights or crash and burn. Either way, her career is about to change in exciting ways.

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