Lore Olympus: What Are Fertility Goddesses – and Why Are They So Powerful?

As the star of Lore Olympus, the hit webtoon has often alluded to Persephone being a powerful fertility goddess. Despite being hidden from the world by Demeter and pressured into The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood upon her arrival in Mount Olympus, others begin to suspect her of being a fertility goddess with uncontrollable powers and a defiant nature. Here's what it means to be a powerful fertility goddess -- and why it's so important if Persephone turns out to be one in Lore Olympus.

At the start of Lore Olympus, Persephone is a soft-spoken and innocent girl who's happy to leave her mother's protection to finally be among other gods and goddesses. She attends university under a scholarship provided by The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood, a group for virgin goddesses who swear to eternal chastity. This group includes fellow sacred virgin goddesses like Hestia, Athena, and Artemis. While Persephone rooms with Artemis as she learns her way around Mount Olympus, it becomes evident early on that Persephone doesn't fit in with The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood as she begins to question her true identity.

After being sheltered and lied to by her overprotective mother since birth, Persephone embarks on a journey of self-discovery after her fateful encounter with Hades, the notorious King of the Underworld. As her relationship with Hades deepens, she questions her vow to eternal maidenhood given her strong romantic feelings toward him. During her internship in the Underworld under Hades' supervision, Persephone's powers suddenly become so overwhelming that she can't control them. When it's later revealed that she performed an unauthorized act of wrath that killed countless mortals, people begin to question if she could be a legendary fertility goddess.

As Lore Olympus goes on to explain, fertility goddesses are incredibly powerful deities said to be born once every thousand years. Given their power and rarity, they are often used or consumed by another in order to seize power or maintain rule. Other known fertility goddesses are Gaia, Rhea, and Metis, who all held incredible power over the earth and motherhood. While some begin to suspect Persephone of being one of these fertility goddesses, many don't believe in their existence and view them as simple myths and legends. Others believe these goddesses are only responsible for bountiful harvests and reproduction, which aligns with Persephone's role as the Goddess of Spring.

However, Demeter is suspected of knowing Persephone's true identity and power after suggesting fertility goddesses are a "wealth of untapped power." This is later demonstrated when Persephone's uncontrollable power causes vegetation and growth across the Underworld -- where things aren't meant to grow and thrive. These powers are strong enough to take over her body whenever she feels intense emotions, ranging anywhere from lust to rage. While Hades promises to help Persephone control and manage her powers, it remains unclear how to suppress them.

While the series hasn't confirmed or denied whether Persephone is in fact a fertility goddess, all signs point in this direction as fans discover the details regarding her act of wrath and her uncontrollable powers. It remains likely that Demeter had hidden Persephone away and concealed her true identity so other gods wouldn't use her daughter for power and political gain. Fans can read new episodes of Lore Olympus on the Webtoon platform weekly every Sunday.

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