Komi Can’t Communicate: Shoki Komi’s MBTI Says a Lot About the Silent Heroine

Komi Can't Communicate is a popular new Netflix anime series based on Tomohito Oda's original manga of the same name, and the heroine, Shoko Komi, is the silent but lovable star of this high school tale. She has difficulty expressing herself to others and is terribly shy, but she shows great courage by resolving to make 100 friends, starting with her classmate Hitohito Tadano.

Most notably, almost everyone at Shoko's school has the wrong idea about her. They all see an aloof, detached ice queen who's too special for everyone else, but in reality, Shoko is extremely lonely, and she never let her good looks or grades go to her head. She is actually a gentle, selfless and surprisingly adventurous and whimsical girl -- and all this is reflected in her MBTI personality type.

The MBTI Personality Type Of Shoko Komi: ISFJ-T, The Defender

komi, tadano and najimi from komi cant communicate

Shoko Komi's personality type, ISFJ-T, defines her as the "Defender" among the 16 MBTI personality types, and Defenders are some of the most common people in modern society. In particular, Shoko's personality type stands for Introverted Observant Feeling Judging Turbulent, meaning that while she is highly withdrawn and meek, she also cares deeply for others, and this leads to some curious paradoxes.

An ISFJ-T like Shoko Komi is much more comfortable in quiet and peaceful environments with limited social interaction, but at the same time, such people have an affinity for others, caring deeply for their needs and emotions. An ISFJ-T like Shoko wants to cheer people up without drawing too much attention to themselves.

An ISFJ-T is a highly supportive person, and is equally capable of sensing the needs of others and willing to satisfy those needs. In a quiet and humble way, a Defender like Shoko Komi is a hero, albeit an everyday hero as opposed to someone like an action star or firefighter. Defenders like her are also known for being diligent, trustworthy, reliable and patient when it comes to other people and the task at hand, and they aren't terribly rash or reckless. Then again, a Defender is enthusiastic about their work, and they may get a lot of validation and confidence from seeing their altruistic efforts pay off time and again. They just don't need to be put in the spotlight and be showered with attention and praise.

Shoko Komi's MBTI Type In The Story Of Komi Can't Communicate

Komi checks out her new phone in Komi Can't Communicate.

A handful of scenes and general trends in the Komi Can't Communicate anime and source manga demonstrate her MBTI as the Defender. At first, Shoko's goals and interests are self-oriented -- her aim is to make 100 friends and reinvent her social life through hard work. However, already, Shoko is an ISFJ-T because she has set a goal that calls for diligent and methodical work, inspiring Hitohito Tadano to support her.

Komi's goal of making 100 friends also means she will have many opportunities to get to know these new friends and help them with their own problems, and support them however she can. That's one of the fundamental aspects of a friendship: mutual respect and support. Komi will soon be in a position to help countless people her age, Defender style.

Despite being famously quiet and seemingly aloof, Shoko Komi is an insightful girl, and she is well-attuned to the emotions of others. She's also quick to notice when other students are gossiping or harassing each other, and she's not afraid to confront them about it. She knows when people are whispering about her behind her back, and she makes sure to resolve the situation quickly to keep everyone happy.

Shoko's ISFJ-T type also contrasts sharply with Najimi Osana, who is highly extroverted, and quick to throw parties and host events without actually checking how anyone feels about it. Najimi will impulsively rope their friends into a party without giving it a second thought, while Shoko is notably patient and meticulous about going out with friends or having houseguests. She thinks everything through first, and will double-check or second-guess absolutely everything.

Shoko's ISFJ-T personality type is also expressed through her humility and meek attitude, since she never claims credit for any of her remarkable achievements and tends to downplay just about everything, quickly becoming bashful when people praise her. To Shoko, what's most important is that everyone is happy, and she derives validation from that, not from praise or social status.

ISFJ types like Shoko Komi also tend to get overwhelmed at times, since they may exhaust themselves trying to please everyone and might get frustrated if their meticulous efforts hit a snag. Indeed, Shoko often becomes worn out and stressed when comedic hijinks find their way into her everyday life, and it often falls to Tadano or another character to help resolve it.

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