Fena: Pirate Princess Season 1’s Biggest Unanswered Questions

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 12, "The Chosen Maiden," now streaming on Crunchyroll and Adult Swim.

The finale of Fena: Pirate Princess ended with a happy-ish conclusion for its main cast of characters. Fena and her friends find Eden and she discovers what her true purpose is, while the Samurai Seven leave Eden with a bounty of gold and the legendary sword they were tasked to retrieve. Although Fena loses her memories as a result, it's not all doom and gloom as she and Yukimaru finally confessed their mutual feelings.

The Season 1 finale also effectively set the stage for Fena's next big adventure as she seeks to find a way to save the world and her friends. Here are some of the biggest lingering questions fans are hoping to see answered in a Season 2.

Will Fena Take Control of Her Destiny?

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Fena: Pirate Princess' finale revealed a catch-22: as a chosen maiden, Fena will lose all of her memories after she has made her choice on whether to save the world. One of the biggest issues around Fena as a protagonist was a lack of independence and autonomy -- despite her desire to carve out her own path to walk. This was partially due to the anime giving Fena's maiden status only two tasks: make a choice and make babies for the next round of maidens, giving her very little autonomy as a woman.

But now, Fena's road ahead is a blank slate as she is no longer hindered by her quest to find Eden. She can start fresh and figure out what she wants to do, giving her control over her own destiny. Although Fena has no memory of who she was before, it can be freeing to know that she can be whoever she wants to be now.

Cody, Franz & Other Characters' Roles Moving Forward

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The biggest enigmas in Season 1 of Fena: Pirate Princess were Cody and Franz. Cody was introduced as Abel's subordinate -- and to whom he has a debt to pay -- but he actually played a significant part in leading Fena to Eden. He had very little screen time compared to the magnitude of his role, and very little else is revealed about him. Franz also made a surprise appearance in the finale -- even though he supposedly died 10 years ago. It's unclear whether Franz and Cody are one and the same or, frankly, if they're both just vessels another spiritual being is taking residence in. As the Observer and storymaker of Fena's tale, what other things will Cody/Franz do now that this chapter is over?

Yukihisa also faded into the background as the anime progressed, which was strange given how he was set up. His actions so far have made it ambiguous as to whether he is someone the heroes can trust. After all, he did tell Shitan that he should kill Fena if he saw her leading Yukimaru astray. When Fena and the rest of the Samurai Seven return to the island, will Yukihisa help or hinder them?

The Fate of O'Malley, Captain of the Rumble Rose

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After getting blasted into the sky in Episode 7, Fena fans hoped they'd get to see the all-female pirate crew Rumble Rose again. After all, anime rules dictate that if you don't see the characters' dead bodies, there's a good chance they're still alive. But more episodes passed with no answers -- until the end credits started rolling and showed three members of the pirate crew at Bar-Baral. Unfortunately, the Rumble Rose's captain, O'Malley, was nowhere to be found, leaving her status unknown.

Because it's clear a few Rumble Rose members survived the explosion, it might be safe to assume O'Malley will make an appearance in Season 2, but it's unclear what kind of role she will have. Her relationship with Abel was mostly physical but there were hints that O'Malley also had an emotional connection to him -- which he did not reciprocate. Now that Abel is dead, it's now a question of whether O'Malley will still see Fena as a rival/enemy, or if fans will get a partnership between the two female captains.

The Fate of Fena: Pirate Princess' World

Fena's dilemma in the finale was whether or not she would choose to save herself and Yukimaru while the world burns, or if she would delay the world's destruction to later in the future when everyone she cares about will die. In the end she chose the latter, buying her time to find a way to save the world. The problem is is she won't remember the world is going to end.

This most likely will be the entire plot in Season 2 of Fena: Pirate Princess. What kind of event will ultimately topple this delicate balance? Will Fena's vision of the Samurai Seven dying in a field of blood come true? And how will Fena and the Samurai Seven stop the world from getting destroyed? Here's hoping fans don't have to wait too long for Season 2 to find out.

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