Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Bell’s Investigation Leaves Him With More Questions Than Answers

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Season 3, Episode 2, "Monster (One Wing)," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

While Wiene gets accustomed to life outside the dungeons, Bell and the rest of the Hestia Familia continue to search for answers in the latest episode of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?. Since their search around Orario reaped no results, Bell, Welf and Lili decide to head back to where Bell found Wiene: the 19th dungeon, which is where their problems start.

While trying to enlist Ryuu’s help, the three run into Aisha who offers to join them in order to repay her debt to Bell. As the group makes their way towards the 19th dungeon they are confronted by a group of Hellhounds and Lamias. Bell hesitates during the battle and has to be saved by Ryuu. Aisha scolds him and Welf questions whether meeting Wiene has affected his ability to hunt monsters. Though he doesn’t answer, Bell is visibly shaken from the encounter.

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As the group gets closer to the 19th dungeon, Lili keeps Aisha and Ryuu busy while Bell and Welf investigate the area. On their way there, they run into members of the group that was initially hunting Wiene down and, upon realizing that Bell was in the area during Wiene’s escape, the group’s leader, Dix Perdix, decides to keep an eye on Bell and the Hestia Familia.

Bell and Welf notice a hooded figure in the 19th dungeon and upon trying to approach her, realize that she’s another monster capable of human speech. She refers to Wiene as her “kindred” and confronts the two when she recognizes Wiene’s scent. Though she initially assumed that they were the ones pursuing Wiene, she quickly grasps the situation and asks Bell and Welf if monsters are capable of coexisting with the other races. The two hesitate to answer and the monster quickly takes off, leaving a myriad of gold and blue feathers behind.

Even more curious, when Bell returns from the dungeon, he is confronted by the God Ikelos. Ikelos inquires as to Wiene’s whereabouts, indirectly confirming that the group of adventurers chasing after Wiene in the 19th dungeon were part of his familia. Hermes intervenes and reveals to Ikelos that the other Gods suspect the members of his familia of monster trafficking. Ikelos plays the accusations off but doesn’t outright deny them.

Back at the mansion, Wiene plays hide-and-seek with Haruhime. While looking for a place to hide, Wiene overhears Lili voicing her concern over sheltering a monster, and the dangers it could bring to Bell and the familia. Shocked and saddened by this, Wiene runs away from home.

But while walking around Orario, Wiene hears the sound of ropes snapping and sees a little girl standing next to a cart filled with boxes. Realizing that the girl is in danger of being crushed, Wiene pushes her out of the way, but partially transforms and reveals herself to the townspeople. A massive mob forms around her, and a terrified Wiene is unable to process the situation. Bell arrives on the scene and attempts to shield Wiene from the villagers, but Lili manages to get her away from them before the situation escalates further. The Hestia Familia meets back at the old church’s basement where a tearful Wiene clings onto Bell and asks why it’s wrong for her to stay with him, but no one is able to answer her -- leaving us with far too many lingering questions in the process.