Boruto’s Creepiest Doctor Just Made a Comeback

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 169, "A Joint Mission With the Sand," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Boruto took some time but it's stitching together many threads from over the years to show just how expansive Kara's evil empire really is. The terrorist cell had an underwhelming debut but since then, we've seen Deepa go on a bloody rampage, beating Boruto and Sarada mercilessly, while almost killing Mitsuki.

On top of that, Victor has revealed himself as an Outer (affiliate member) of Kara so the network's truly coming to light, giving insight into the larger scheme. Come the latest episode, another shocking face appears as the series revives a creepy doctor who's also helping the sinister society with its objectives.

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When Konohamaru and Mugino infiltrate Victor's lab to find out what he's doing with the Hashirama Cell, they spy a section of the company few employees are allowed in. Konohamaru sees the Doctor come out and remembers him from the incident in Iwagakure in Episode 78 when there was a coup. However, the Doctor isn't too happy in this underground lair, asking a colleague about Kara's plans only to be told Outers are only meant to follow orders. He grumpily accepts and moves into the lab, leaving Konohamaru with a sense of dread over what they're conjuring behind closed doors.

For franchise fans, his presence is foreboding. The Doctor was responsible for almost breaking Iwakagure after he approached Ōnoki, the former Tsuchikage, to create a synthetic army so human soldiers wouldn't be lost in war anymore. He collected material from the White Zetsu that Madara and Kaguya engineered, using this to create Fabrications, artificial humans meant to lead the Akuta, mindless soldiers created from clay. However, this was against the rules of the shinobi alliance, seen as a twisted Frankenstein-like project as Ōnoki was losing his mind from the years of being in battle and seeing innocents die.

The Doctor didn't have any humanity left, though, as he didn't mind experimenting on humans, making him similar to sinister scientists like Orochimaru and Kabuto. He even made Kū, a clone of Ōnoki, and when these artificial soldiers rebelled, Ōnoki had no choice but to sacrifice himself, ashamed of what he'd done. Helped by ninjas Naruto sent, this uprising was quelled but the alliance kept it secret as they didn't want to ruin Ōnoki's legacy.

Interestingly, the Doctor had his heart torn out by Kū but he's since been resurrected and is now working with Kara. What makes him perfect for this job is, thanks to Madara, White Zetsu had Hashirama's DNA embedded in it. Given that he worked on Mitsuki -- a genetically engineered soldier from Orochimaru's lab -- as well, the Doctor might even be a step closer to recreating Hashirama clones. With Victor's medical workers on hand, they could also be mining regeneration techniques and immortality, but what's for certain is leaving the Doctor to his own devices could give Kara the edge in the war to come.

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