Girls’ Frontline Anime Charges in With New Trailer

Warner Bros. Japan dropped a new trailer for Girls' Frontline (Dolls' Frontline in Japan), an anime adaptation of SUNBORN's popular mobile game of the same name.

The news of a new trailer was originally reported by Crunchyroll. On Aug. 6, Girls' Frontline released the trailer for the anime series, accompanied by comments from the voice actors and the OP artist.

The voice actors were asked to give their impressions of the Girls' Frontline anime. Haruka Tomatsu, who plays M4A1, stated, "Compared to the time when I was involved in the game and then the short anime, I felt that this TV anime version is more serious. In the game, the player was the commander, and he didn't appear in the mini-anime. The history of Girls' Frontline itself is quite long, but I think it depicts a new view of the DoruFuro world." Similarly, Nozomi Yamane, who voices M16A1, said, "Unlike the previous mini-anime I've participated in, this one has a more serious and profound impression. There are so many battle scenes. I often feel sad at the troubled state of each character, so the occasional glimpse of everyday scenes are so endearing."

Emiri Kato, the voice behind ST AR-15, echoed the sentiments of her fellow cast members and encouraged anime fans to check out Girls' Frontline. She explained, "Even for those who haven't played the game, there are many serious developments that will make you curious about the rest of the story! There are a lot of girls who are personifications of famous guns, so if you like guns, you'll probably enjoy them more! I'd like you to watch and see what kind of fate these girls will go through."

In her discussion of the new anime, Yukari Tamura, who plays M4 SOPMOD II, only had positive comments. "There are a lot of girls in it, so I'd think it would be playful, but it's kind of hardcore. It's cool and fashionable. I apologize for my lack of vocabulary, but that's how I felt when I was exposed to the story and the music of the theme song," she said.

The theme song, entitled "BAD CANDY," was created by Japanese singer yukaDD(;´∀`), who wanted to embody the intense emotions that arise during battle. She said, "There are no choices but to move forward in the midst of an epic battle, and various emotions and conflicts that waver in the battle. Even so, the characters of Girls' Frontline continue to move forward with strong conviction, and I hope that this song will push everyone's back, even if just a little."

Girls' Frontline is being developed by Asahi Productions -- the developer behind 2006's Hello Kitty: Ringo no Mori no Fantasy and 2021's Peach Boy Riverside -- and the series is currently scheduled for a 2022 release.

Source: Twitter, via Crunchyroll.

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