Zikai x Kris Kross Amsterdam – You Can Call Me Al

If there’s ever been a record that’s perfect for a dancefloor makeover, it’s Paul Simon’s undeniably feel-good 80’s gem ‘You Can Call Me Al’. Driven by sweet chords and unforgettable hooks, the song has now been rejuvenated by a stellar collab between Swedish songwriter Zikai and the Dutch hit producer dream team Kris Kross Amsterdam. Expect a moving new version, featuring Zikai’s silky vocals, warm guitar chords, and delicate deep house rhythms drenched in KKA’s trademark R&B vibes.

Teaming up with Zikai means the next step in their musical evolution. In this case, KKA adds a subtle deep house groove to the acoustically driven song, supplying warm effects to its guitar chords, while catchy percussion and enchanting tonal atmospheres bring extra layers of bliss.

Its goosebumps ensured when this version hits the floor, providing a spark of recognition as well as a dose of admiration for this incredible new take on a Paul Simon classic. Who would have thought, a Swedish-Dutch tandem reworking this 80’s favorite into a 21st-century pop, deep house, and R&B fueled gem – they’re taking it right back to the stars again.

“I was eight years old when I first heard ‘You Can Call Me Al.’ My mom used to listen to it at home a lot and I clearly remember that she said it was recorded in South Africa. I didn’t understand the lyrics but stuck to the melody. 15 years later, I’m in the studio with producer, The Priest, and without thinking about it, I start singing – you can call me Al – even though I haven’t heard it in so many years. Then I thought it must mean something, so we decided to do our own version of it.”Zikai