Felguk – Train

One of Brazil’s hottest dance acts, Felguk, is back with a blazing new single. ‘Train’ is the ultimate statement for Felguk’s ever-progressing sound, railroading powerful house grooves with dark synth chords and upwinding vocal samples. Surely, this record will take you on a sweet trip, straight to the sweaty club floors it belongs on.

Felguk returns with his engineer’s cap on, breaking out with a stunningly chugging beat that’s bound to overtake both club floors and festival stages. ‘Train’ is a sweaty piece of house music, bursting out with a cool, filtered groove, accompanied by rhythmic train samples and eccentric vocals, all of which lead towards a drop that’s drenched in deep, clubbing motifs.

While the beat keeps moving with catchy percussion, ominous synths provide this record with a dark twist, enhanced by those recurring vocal samples and a bouncing bass that will keep any audience on its toes. The result is a house music at its finest, estranged and mesmerizing, but most of all—ready for action.

Felguk takes us on a sweet ride, unleashing a train that just won’t stop moving. When or wherever the party might take place this summer, this record is bound to pop up, from the sweatiest clubs to the most sun-drenched festival areas – don’t miss this ‘Train’!

“I feel ‘Train’ is a journey. It takes you from the dance floor (or your car, or gym, or your home), directly to another world inspired by the art cars in Burning Man and its psychedelic and festive atmosphere” – Felguk