Dragon Ball: Chi-Chi & Videl Deserve Better

Romance isn't one of Dragon Ball's strongest points, since it is mostly about men screaming at each other and fighting. There are, however, some attempts to make couples out of some of the cast. Unfortunately, it seems to come at a cost of their usefulness in battle. While Bulma helps the others with technology, Videl and Chi-Chi are relegated to ladies-in-waiting.

While Videl has been helping Gohan fight crime as Saiyaman 2, she never really develops the powers he taught her when they first met. Chi-Chi was trained by her father, a former disciple of Master Roshi, but gave that up to become a dutiful housewife. These strong women in Dragon Ball could have been so much more than just wives.

There's nothing wrong with being a homemaker or being weaker than someone, but both of these powerful women were presented to fans as strong fighters, then nothing was really done with them outside of a few instances. While initially introduced as a shy, timid girl, Chi-Chi grew to be strong-willed and stubborn, prone to outbursts that even Goku feared. She prioritizes academics when raising Gohan, chastising Goku for wanting to train him in fighting. She didn't want her son growing up to be like her husband, who by all accounts isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

However, this insistence on education has seemingly clouded Chi-Chi's judgement in some cases, preferring to try and keep her family safe by not fighting rather than looking at the bigger picture. Eventually, she comes around and even begins training Goten after Goku dies during the Cell Games. But up until that point, she sat by and worried more about Gohan's academic achievements rather than what he really wanted out of life. She was unwilling to let there be a balance in his life. Granted, she was probably the only one worrying about the family's financial state since Goku also has no concept of money, but training together could have been an excellent way for Dragon Ball's main family to bond.

Videl, on the other hand, has been more active, only recently giving up the title of Great Saiyaman 2 (Great Saiyawoman in the dub). She did try to help when Majin Buu and Babidi were threatening the world, but was unable to keep up with the others as they flew. After Dragon Ball Z's Buu Saga, Videl took up the Saiyaman mantle alongside Gohan, and while she is a strong physical fighter, she never really expands on the energy lessons she blackmailed Gohan into teaching her. She's not nearly as stern as Chi-Chi is about fighting, but she also doesn't keep up her training in a sense.

These two women were touted as being two of the strongest humans in Dragon Ball's world, but nothing was really done with them -- especially Chi-Chi. We know they could be useful in fights if given the chance, but they are relegated to spectators. Bulma may not have martial arts training, but she has money and brains. Chi-Chi and Videl could be the muscle of the female group if they really wanted to. There's so much that could be done with them if actually given the chance.

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