Miraculous: Who Will Get The Remaining Miraculous Jewels?

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir is a CGI superhero anime centered on Parisian teenagers Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, who are entrusted with mystical jewels called Miraculous. When inhabited by levitating animal-like creatures known as Kwamis, the jewels grant superpowers. Marinette and Adrien have been given ownership of the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous respectively, enabling them to transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir.

As Miraculous Ladybug progresses through its later seasons and gains traction as a respectable animated series, more Miraculous holders have been chosen. Each Miraculous brings a new wielder, a new kwami and its own unique superpower. Speculation has circulated popular fan forums and social media sites surrounding the future Miraculous holders, as many jewels are yet to be used in action. Here are the largely agreed-upon prospective Miraculous holders.

Sabrina Raincomprix - Dog Miraculous


Sabrina Raincomprix, best friend and "multi-purpose" girl to Chloé Bourgeois, is a meek, mousy and loyal companion. Likely a side-effect of too much time spent around Chloé, Sabrina can be unpleasant at times. She has adopted a mean, sarcastic streak and will occasionally go as far as stealing from and bullying others to stay on Chloé's good side. That being said, Sabrina shows prowess overall to become a superhero.

Dogs are associated with loyalty, which is perhaps the main reason why fans are convinced she will inherit the Dog Miraculous. It seems that she and Barkk, the dog kwami, would get along nicely, as they both seem to be "motherly" types. So far, all we know about the Dog Miraculous is that its jewel is a collar necklace and the superhero alter-ego is called Traquemoisselle.

As far as powers go, the most logical presumption for an associated superpower would likely be Perception. Not only known for loyalty, canines also have heightened senses, and can follow scents and track exceptionally well.

Ivan Bruel - Ox Miraculous


Ivan Bruel is a classic tough guy with a tender heart. He might look threatening, but his personality shines through when you get to know him. He can appear grouchy and stubborn, but he's shown an adoring warmth toward Mylène, with whom he later becomes romantically involved.

Given that his stature, build and mannerisms match those of an ox -- a deeply underestimated and misjudged animal -- fans have made the assumption that Ivan will receive the Ox Miraculous. He and Stompp, the ox kwami, seem to have the combination of gentleness and brawn that would make them compatible.

We know that the Ox Miraculous is a nose ring and the wearer is given the superhero alter-ego Minotaurox, but little has been revealed regarding superpowers. Predictions seem to gravitate toward Stompp's miraculous being Determination, as it seems to be a quality that Stompp would naturally possess. An ox relies on its strength, after all, even if "strength" can be interpreted in many ways.

Marc Anciel - Goat Miraculous


Marc Anciel is shy around others, similar to Juleka. He finds loud noises and confrontation quite distressing. Like Marinette, he is sweet and kind, but incredibly clumsy. He shows fondness toward his classmate Nathaniel, an exceptionally talented artist. It was confirmed by Thomas Astruc on Twitter that Marc's character was based on a personal friend of his named Hope Morphin, who is genderfluid and bisexual.

Goats are skittish animals. When stressed, Ziggy, the goat kwami, has a tendency to panic. Ziggy is kind and helpful but can be very sensitive -- all traits to which Marc can relate. Some fans have said that the two were "made for each other." The Goat Miraculous is a pair of hair clips that transform the wearer into Caprikid. Goats symbolize faith and peace, which has led fans to assume that Caprikid will be able to generate an aura of serenity that will induce tranquility and calmness in a target, deflecting their rage.

Nathaniel Kurtzberg - Rooster Miraculous


Nathaniel Kurtzberg is the artist of Miss Bustier's class. As an introvert, he can be quiet and reserved. Nathaniel wishes to be more bold and confident, as shown in his drawings, where he creates "Super Nathan," a superhero version of himself; he uses these drawings as a way to reimagine his personality.

It seems that Nathaniel and Orikko, the rooster kwami, would be beneficial partners. While many kwamis have similar personalities to their owners, Nathaniel and Orikko are quite opposite. Orikko seems to be the most energetic kwami of the bunch, meaning that Orikko could bring Nathaniel out of his shell.

The Rooster Miraculous is a thumb ring, but it seems that the rooster-themed superhero has yet to be named. As roosters are sometimes shown as symbols of passion, the concept that Nathaniel will have the power of Mesmerization is quite probable. When unleashed, the power forces its target to become obsessed with anything the user wants, which is not necessarily a person but also potentially an object.

Lila Rossi - Butterfly Miraculous


Lila Rossi is a self-centered egotist who thrives on attention. She's also a compulsive liar -- a technique she uses to manipulate others. She is easily provoked, hot-headed and bratty, similar to Chloé Bourgeois.

Hawkmoth has been in possession of the Butterfly Miraculous ever since he enslaved Nooroo, the butterfly kwami. However, rumors surrounding the future for the Butterfly Miraculous have pointed toward Lila. While some fans believe that she has the potential to dethrone Hawkmoth as the main antagonist, others believe she will become Hawkmoth's protégée. As already seen in Miraculous Ladybug, the Butterfly Miraculous grants the power of Transmission.

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