Hot Mondy Dropped Epic New Song “Desert Moonlight”

Hot Mondy, a Canadian band, recently shared their new song and music video “Desert Moonlight”. This is a mesmerizing song that will instantly fascinate the listener. Thrilling, wild, and vibrant, “Desert Moonlight” exposes a new facet of Hot Mondy’s talent as well as style. 

The band creates music in the country and rock genres. “Desert Moonlight” most certainly is the best possible mix of those two with over a 100K views on YouTube already. The music video by itself is a piece of art. Watch as the police keep searching for the criminal and end up finding only a briefcase in a roadside motel room.

Matt Rhind, Travis Flint, Matt Brannon, Troy Arseneault, and Mat Budreski are the masterminds behind this captivating song as well as the band’s previous single “Pale Ember”. Coming together as friends in 2019, the guys quickly noticed each other’s talent and how well they worked together as a team. They have been writing music ever since, performing at various venues and coming out with beautiful, memorable singles one after another.

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