Cardcaptor Sakura: Why Touya & Yukito Are CLAMP’s Strongest Soul Pair

While Sakura harnesses her arcane abilities with friends Tomoyo and Syaoran, Sakura’s older brother Touya makes his way through high school with his best friend Yukito by his side. Touya, however, is also managing his own magic, with his paranormal abilities unveiling many mysteries. As a vessel of the Clow Card Guardian Yue, Yukito is a mystery himself. And though this complicates their relationship, their time together is precious and their love transcends time and space in the CLAMP universe.

Touya & Yukito Exist In More Than One CLAMP World

CLAMP is known for its many crossovers, the group's worlds and characters all intricately connected in some fashion. Cardcaptor Sakura is only one saga that features Touya and Yukito -- Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle also features King Toya and High Priest Yukito of the Clow Kingdom. In Tsubasa, it’s revealed that there are multiple versions of Yukito and Touya across dimensions, but their bond is never severed.

In the expanded CLAMP universe there are “soul pairs,” which are two characters who are always together no matter which timeline or world they're in. Just like Syaoran and Sakura, Touya and Yukito are one of CLAMP's soul pairs -- and the most classic one, at that. Cardcaptor Sakura being released in 1998, Touya and Yukito are actually one of the earliest canon gay couples ever depicted in mainstream anime, though not the earliest to at least hint at such relationships.

Touya & Yukito's Bond In Cardcaptor Sakura


Touya and Yukito's relationship, however, is strong for more reasons than just its eternal existence. Their cannon romance is rooted in a passionate friendship that develops as Cardcaptor Sakura progresses, with many adorable moments proving how much they care for each other. From complimenting each other to having late-night “sleepovers,” there’s endless content proving their romantic attachment.

In fact, in a later Cardcaptor Sakura episode, Sakura outright asks Yukito if he has feelings for someone, to which he responds “you could say that,” and Sakura immediately guesses that it’s her older brother Touya. Yukito confirms without hesitation but, like most crushes, worries his affections might be one-sided. However, it’s obvious that Yukito is also Touya’s number one person, especially considering how he gave up his paranormal abilities in order to renew Yue’s magic and save Yukito’s life.

Another element that makes Touya and Yukito a soul pair is their complementary personalities. Touya has a kind of standoffish “tough guy” aura, always inclined to protect Sakura while similarly teasing her as a typical big brother. Yukito, on the other hand, is gentle and sweet, always doing kind deeds and caring about Touya’s family. The two truly fit together perfectly, making the queer couple CLAMP’s greatest soul pair of them all.

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