Dark Alternative Electronic Music Bands to Check Out

The phrase “dark electronic dance music” has become synonymous with the genre in the last few years. This rise in popularity has led to the development of more labels and artist labels promoting these types of music on the CD than ever before. In this article I will be describing what this style of music is, and where it came from. Hopefully by the time you have finished reading this, you will have a better understanding of what is takes to get your hands on some great dark electronica tracks.

Technically speaking this type of music is called “technotronic”. Some people call it “disco Electronic” or even “nu techno”. These are just variations of the term. It would be safe to say that the majority of people calling this style of music DJ music, as opposed to just an alternative electronic music band. It seems that the term is being used as loosely as possible, due to copyright issues with the original artists.

Technically speaking this term can cover any dark or heavy, futuristic based music that use a lot of distorted kick drums, strange samples, and fast paced bass sounds. This sub-genre of electronic dance music groups have really grown in the last few years. They sound very strange to many people because of the use of sample-based beats, and complex MIDI. Some people may even find it hard to follow these musical patterns when played back in a normal club environment. However, this style of music is starting to draw rave fans not only because of its unique sound but also for the style of the musicians performing.

The first thing I would like to discuss about this style of music is the production quality. This is one of the biggest strengths of the modern day DJ’s. Dark Electro dance music bands all use professional, studio produced equipment. They have sound engineers, music writers, and producers who know exactly what they are doing. The best of the best artist’s electronic music bands are using high-end state of the art computer programs as well. These programs help to ensure that the final master copy is top notch.

There are some dark alternative electronic dance music bands who are not producing their own music though. Many of these talented artists work with professional, well-known DJs and live dance teams. A good example of this is German party animal duo Florian andERS!. These guys combine the dark techno side of electronica with a wide variety of alternative music.

Florian andERS! are two dark electro industrial djs that have put on some incredible shows all over the world. They have taken their love of electronic dance to a new level with their unique sound and style. They have been nominated for an array of prestigious parties such as the Creams, Homecoming, and Movement Festival. Florian andERS! have brought some dark alternative electronic dance music to fans around the world.

Some other great dark electronic dance music artists include: Hard Driver, JLS, Aaron Spectre, Aaron Watson, Matrix Disorder, Mike Cera, Skye, Chrome ft. Skye, and Chase & Status. There are so many more out there that you can look up and find them on MySpace, Facebook, MySpace Live, or even at iTunes. These are just a few of the many electronic dance music artists that are making waves right now in the modern electronic music scene. They all have something different to offer.

Now, I don’t want to take away from any of these fantastic dark alternative electronic music bands out there because some of them are absolute gems. I am only pointing out who I feel are some of the better ones. If you haven’t been able to check them out just do a search for them online. You’ll be glad you did when you get to hear some of their music for yourself. I highly suggest giving some of these alternative electronic music bands a chance if you haven’t yet.