Zombie Land Saga Revenge’s Biggest Unanswered Questions

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Zombie Land Saga Revenge, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Following Zombie Land Saga Revenge's enormous cliffhanger ending, a third season of the popular zombie idol comedy is all but guaranteed. While many major questions about Zombie Land Saga's mythology and characters were answered in Season 2, there are still many mysteries yet to be resolved. The following four questions stick out as the most important to ask about the future of Zombie Land Saga.

Will Tae Yamada's Backstory Be Animated?

Zombie Land Saga Revenge E6 Tae grocery store

Throughout the first two seasons of Zombie Land Saga, Tae Yamada's lovability is heavily tied to her inexplicability. As the one member of Franchouchou who sounds and acts like a typical zombie, she can't tell anyone what her human life was like, and Kotaro won't give any details except to say she's "Legendary." Tae's lack of an explained backstory is a great running gag in the anime, but she does still have one hiding.

This backstory is being presented in the still-ongoing manga Zombie Land Saga Gaiden: The First Zombie, which began in May. Without giving away any spoilers, she absolutely earns the "Legendary" title, and the spinoff manga also offers more details on the immortal bartender Jofuku and the Saga Curse. Will the Gaiden story be animated in Season 3 or is Tae Yamada's legend going to stay relegated to the manga?

How Did Jofuku Become Connected With Saga?

Zombie Land Saga Revenge E9 bar

By the end of Zombie Land Saga Revenge, the most basic mysteries about the bartender had been answered: he's the immortal Chinese alchemist Jofuku/Xu Fu, he has the power to raise the dead and his mental and physical health is tied to the health of Saga itself. Those answers, however, only raise more questions. Perhaps the most significant is, how did he come to be connected with Saga in the first place? There are literally thousands of years of backstory that can be explored with this character, offering a wealth of material for Season 3 to explore.

What's Going On With Kotaro's Health?

The more traditional of the Zombie Land Saga Revenge finale's two big sequel hooks was the reveal that Kotaro has been hiding some sort of illness. It's unknown what exactly this illness is, but it was making him bleed on the floor of the EFS green room, and his tearful speech to Franchouchou about the work needed to save Saga feels at least partially connected to his own fears of needing to be personally saved from his failing health. Could his sickness be connected to the Curse? Has giving life to the dead taken a toll on Kotaro's own life?

Did Aliens Destroy Saga?

Zombie Land Saga Revenge E12 UFO

This is the biggest question on any Zombie Land Saga fan's mind: what is going on with that UFO destroying Saga in the final 20 seconds of the finale? MAPPA actually foreshadowed this shocking twist over a year ago with a Zombie vs. Alien movie poster released on April 1, 2020 -- it sure looked like an April Fools joke at the time, but now it looks like the actual set-up for an actual Zombie Land Saga movie or Season 3.

Beyond just the sheer "What just happened?" shock of the ending, there are other questions that can be asked about this event: How many people died? From the size of the explosion, it seems like there could be a lot of casualties. If most of or even all of the prefecture is dead, can they all be turned into zombies? That would put the title Zombie Land Saga in a whole new light. Are the aliens connected to the Curse or are they attacking Saga for some completely unrelated reason? If it's the former, might they also have ties to the history of Jofuku and the zombies?

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