Kaneda’s Akira Jacket Is the Top Prize in Funimation Scavenger Hunt

An Akira themed scavenger hunt is coming to New York City, and Funimation is putting up one of its rare and expensive replicas of Kaneda's red leather jacket as one of the prizes.

Funimation announced that the scavenger hunt will take place at the Kung Fu Tea by Madison Square Garden, located on 115 East 23rd Street in New York City, on July 10, 2021 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The scavenger hunt will will test contestants' knowledge of Funimation's anime series. In addition to the jacket, the top prize for the event includes a gift card to the Funimation shop, a copy of the Akira movie on DVD, the soundtrack to the film on vinyl and a limited edition Funimation TokyoTreat Box.

The Akira replica jacket was previously announced in June, and was created by Carlo Levy, Managing Director of DYBEX S.A, designer Alessandro Trombetta Designer, and Stefan Henzgen, MD of Van Doornum GmbH & Co. The jacket is based on the appearance of Kaneda's jacket from the manga, so it does not feature the pill emblem seen in the movie. Only 300 of the jackets will be available for sale in North America. The jacket will be sold for a price of $450 and will be available exclusively through Funimation's online store on July 13.

Akira was created by Katsuhiro Otomo in 1982. An anime adaptation of the manga, which was also directed by Otomo, was released in 1988 and is widely regarded as one of the most influential anime films ever made. The Akira movie is currently available for streaming on Hulu and Funimation.

Source: Funimation

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