Yashahime Episode 37 Brings Joy for the New Year – But What’s Next?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 37 of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, "Zero's Wish," now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Animelab, and Hulu.

Episode 37 of Yashahime delivered more than fans could ask for this Christmas with an action-packed episode that finally resolved several major plotlines. While many enemies have threatened to destroy Sesshōmaru's family since the start of the series, the Great Dog-Demon's descendants prove that love conquers all in the end. Here's everything the beloved family overcame -- and what fans can expect next from Yashahime.

During the epic showdown between Towa and Zero, the half-demon princess is consumed by blind rage fueled by Zero's taunts. When Zero admits she was the one behind the forest fire that separated the twin sisters, Towa's hatred becomes unmanageable and she continues to attack -- despite Zero's fate being tied to Rin. After Riku's several failed attempts to stop Towa from doing something she'd regret, she doesn't come to her senses until Setsuna arrives to show her the painful lost memories Rin stowed away.

As the sisters relive Setsuna's forgotten memories together, it's revealed that it wasn't Towa's fault they were separated -- Setsuna only forgot about her sister because the Dream Butterfly and Rin purposely spared her from those painful memories. As a result, Towa is finally able to come to terms with her inner demons and find the strength to thank and forgive Zero.

As Zero challenges the twin sisters to kill her, they instead look for a way to save her from her own sadness and hatred. After being forgiven and pitied by Rin and her daughters, Zero's offended by their desire to save her and claims she'll drag Rin to hell with her. However, Setsuna uses her Yukari no Tachikiri to find and cut the thread of fate binding Zero to the deceased Great Dog-Demon who she once loved. After blaming herself for his death for years, she sees a vision of him as he comforts and forgives her.

With no regrets left to tether Zero down, she releases the thread of fate tying her to Rin and asks Riku to kill her so she can finally die in peace. As she says her final goodbyes, she thanks the half-demon sisters and tells Kirinmaru to work with them instead of against them. Zero also leaves a field of flowers behind as her spirit departs, likely a tribute and apology to Rin.

While these major events are unfolding, Jaken and Moroha run into each other and travel to the Tree of Ages to check up on Rin's condition. Sesshōmaru arrives and gives Moroha the Black Pearl that contains her parents before going to Rin to see just how much the Silver-Scale Curse progressed. As the scales nearly cover her entire body and threaten to take her life, the worried Sesshōmaru can only wait and have faith in their daughters to save Rin. When Zero finally releases Rin from her fate and curse at the last possible second, Sesshōmaru gently holds the unconscious Rin as she recovers. When Rin finally wakes up in Sesshōmaru's arms, she smiles proudly and tells him their girls saved Zero.

Meanwhile, Moroha examines the Black Pearl after discovering her parents are still alive and trapped inside the object. At the Bone-Eater's Well, she admits to Takechiyo that she's nervous about reuniting with her parents as he encourages her to go see them. However, Moroha suddenly spots Akuru running by with his pinwheel while being pursued by Kirinmaru. When the latter runs into Moroha, he steals the Black Pearl from her and tells her to bring Akuru's pinwheel to him in exchange for her parents. Kirinmaru's recent villainous action in Yashahime ties into his much larger plan to bring about the Degenerate Age by controlling the Windmill of Time.

As Sesshōmaru's family finally achieves happiness by overcoming their traumatic past and saving Rin, Episode 37 of Yashahime sets up the major conflicts to come. Viewers can expect the series to shift its focus to Moroha as the half-demon twins offer to help save her parents from Kirinmaru. As fans rejoice from the touching and long-awaited reunion between Rin and Sesshōmaru, they remain eager to see a similar return of the beloved Kagome and Inuyasha.

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