Will There Be a Silent Voice 2? Film Status & Reasons, Explained

Back in 2016, two anime films were released in Japan only weeks apart and astounded both audiences and critics alike for the sheer wonder and intricacies in the storytelling and characters. They generated a massive buzz both domestically and internationally, quickly becoming two of the most successful and recognizable anime films of the modern era. One of these films is Your Name, and the other is Kyoto Animation's A Silent Voice. But A Silent Voice had a stronger connection to its audience by portraying a more sensitive, and therefore more emotional, story.

Directed by Naoko Yamada and written by Reiko Yoshida, the film rapidly captured hearts for its emotional themes deeply rooted in the complexities of reality. As the film's climax drove to a staggering conclusion, some fans are eager to know if a sequel film will ever be greenlit.

The Plot and Success of A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice

Based on the manga written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Oima, A Silent Voice followed a boy named Ishida Shoya. Whilst in elementary school, a deaf girl, named Nishimiya Shoko, transferred into his class, but most don't take well to her or her disability. As a cruel way to entertain themselves, Ishida and other classmates bullied Nishimiya relentlessly. However, when she transferred to another school, Ishida is solely blamed for all of the mistreatment toward Nishimiya. As a result, Ishida became the one to be bullied and shunned by his classmates. Now in high school, Ishida was a much different person and haunted by his past actions. He now sought to make amends and atone for his wrongdoings.

Though it's been 5 years since its initial premiere, the film is still widely regarded and loved today. It's won several awards, including Anime of the Year (movie) at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival and Best Animation of the Year at the Japan Movie Critics Awards, amongst others. A key reason for the movie's massive success is a result of how the film tackles powerful themes such as bullying, mental health, friendship, and compassion. A Silent Voice's execution of such heavy topics is unflinching and raw, allowing for a heavily emotive narrative that is bound to tug at heartstrings.

Will There Be a Second Film?

Unfortunately, a sequel is not likely. While there is definitely some potential to follow these characters and their journeys past high school -- like exploring Nishimiya's struggles transitioning into adulthood as a deaf person or elaborating on the touched upon romance between Ishida and Nishimiya -- the film perfectly wraps up the character and story arcs that were initially presented to the audience. Furthermore, the movie adapts all 7 volumes and 64 chapters of the written source material, which means there's no more story left to adapt. A possible sequel might even disrupt the satisfying conclusion of the original film.

That being said, A Silent Voice being adapted into an anime series isn't completely off the table. In fall 2020, Ufotable Studios released Demon Slayer: Infinity Train, which is a film adaptation of the "Infinity Train" arc of the Demon Slayer manga. However, during the fall 2021 season, an episodic series adapting the exact same arc was released in 7 episodes. The only differences were that the TV series sometimes added new scenes, extended pre-existing ones, or shuffled them around. While the story was not changed and the film adaptation and TV series are still essentially the same, there would be an extreme benefit to giving A Silent Voice its own episodic series.

Is There Potential For New Media?

The film received a glowing reception, but many manga readers felt indifferent toward the movie. That was because many details pertaining to the story and character backstories were cut to fit into a single movie. Granted, A Silent Voice had a runtime of just over 2 hours, which is rare to come by in anime films, and the movie captured a lot of heart during that time. But the potential to further flesh out the narrative and complexities of the characters are present and could be properly addressed in a series.

There is also potential for more new media to stem from what's already been adapted. For example, a spin-off series following side characters like Nishimiya Yuzuru, Nishimiya Shoko's younger sister, could continue her development and explore her life following the film's conclusion. Additionally, a video game, specifically a visual novel based on the film's plot, could delve deeper into the world and be another great opportunity to experience side stories that further the development of other characters.

Though a second film to A Silent Voice seems unlikely, there is hope for new canon content thanks to its significant popularity.

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