Welcome to Demon School!: Iruma Is Now the Demon Realm’s Greatest Hero

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 18 of Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun!, "My Desire," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Kiriwo's siege on Walter Park reaches its climax as the three summoned monsters go on a rampage in Episode 18 of Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun! Season 2. Kalego's four students helped take down a red dragon, while Azazel Ameri wielded her Romanticist ability to take down a second foe. However, the three monsters have now fused into one, becoming a living bomb. Iruma Suzuki stands ready to face it, armed only with Sullivan's ring.

Iruma has strived to keep a low profile thus far in Demon School!, but now he realizes his responsibility toward protecting everyone and has a plan to save the day. His quiet life as a student is about to end as he shows just how much he has grown.

iruma with ring

Romiere Ronove attracts the bomb monster's attention with his Charisma ability before Iruma takes over by placing himself between them. He trusts Ali (the ring's spirit) to devour all of the chimera monster's mana, and Ali instructs Iruma to concentrate his willpower to maximize the magic. This job takes more than strength -- Iruma must remember what he fights for and steel his resolve to become a great hero. Ali grows enormous and consumes the bomb monster's mana, defeating it and saving the day in one sensational move.

Everyone emerges from the shelter to rally around Iruma, though Kalego, his stern but well-meaning teacher, scolds his reckless behavior. Still, he clearly respects Iruma's abilities -- he could have punished Iruma far more for such a daring and dangerous maneuver, suggesting Kalego sees his student in a new light. Balam and the other teachers seem impressed too, and Iruma's classmates hail him as a hero. In fact, they all proved to be heroes in the face of overwhelming odds and learned more from this battle than from any lecture at Babyls.

iruma with ameri

Iruma continues to act humble about his accomplishment, but he cannot avoid the spotlight any longer. The Walter Park owner invites all the students to his hotel to thank them for their hard work, where Iruma spends time alone on the roof until Azazel Ameri, the student council president, joins him. Iruma explains his simple ideal is to keep having fun with his classmates and friends, but he realizes he must become stronger to protect that ideal and continue his happy life. Welcome to Demon School! seems to suggest Iruma will become a more proactive and typical shonen protagonist who seeks strength to protect his friends and family.

Ameri, deeply impressed by Iruma's words, asks him to accompany her on a date sometime, and Iruma likes the idea. Not even an interruption from Alice and Clara can dampen the mood, but Iruma feels distraught when he goes back inside and sees the news. On TV, Ronove Roosevelt names Iruma and his friends as Walter Park's heroes, and Sullivan says the same. Reporters flock to the hotel to interview Iruma, which will generate a lot of buzz back at Babyls too. Iruma finds himself in the brightest of spotlights as the glorious hero, but he feels like anything but a star. He just wants his anonymous life back but, as Welcome to Demon School! looks forward, so must Iruma himself.

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