Wandering Witch: Elaina & Saya Reunite To Fight an Uncomfortable Curse

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 6 of Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina, "The Land of Truth Tellers," now streaming on Funimation and Hulu.

Saya first entered into Elaina's life as a girl who wanted to become a witch but struggled with a figurative glass ceiling that she would later overcome. Her story was the focus of Episode 2 before she vanished from the story. Fortunately for viewers, Saya makes a second appearance in Episode 6 as she helps resolve a major problem in a new country.

The Land of Truth Tellers is a country enveloped by a magic barrier that forces everyone to speak the truth. The magic spell applies to both residents of the country and travelers, making it harder for everybody to lie as a result. On top of not being able to say any lies, those affected aren't able to write any lies as well. Elaina ends up testing both methods of communication upon entering the country, realizing for herself that she can't avoid the magic spell so easily.

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From an idealistic point of view, always speaking the truth does have some merit. Obviously, in a situation where people are forced to speak the truth, nobody can lie for personal gain. In that sense, talking in this country could easily prevent residents from being exploited by others. This concern is the root cause of this magic barrier's creation, a decision that is made while disregarding the citizens' opinions.

However, as the episode reveals, a world of truth doesn't guarantee peace among citizens. While people are forced to speak the truth, it doesn't mean that they are forced to speak in the first place. This is the main way that people such as vendors manage to get around the magic barrier, using nods to fool travelers and others under the belief they're being truthful. This country also compromises personal information, since if residents forget about the magic barrier they may unveil certain secrets.

Contrary to the intended effects, violence becomes a form of amusement. When people end up fighting each other over their words, it serves as entertainment for the citizens who live under the magic spell. Saya appears at one of these fights when she finds Elaina and spends time with her. Saya obviously feels delighted at the opportunity to be with Elaina, and through circumstance, they both help fix the country.

The magic barrier's source is a sword that the king holds. undoing the spell requires taking the sword. Fortunately, instead of being forced to wait a whole month for the king's public appearance, Elaina finds a loophole with the barrier's magic. Writing their thoughts in pieces allows them to circumvent the spell, granting them an audience with the king.

Elaina and Saya's fight against the king's forces demonstrates Saya's growth as a witch. While in Episode 2 she was limited with her use of magic, Saya is able to now launch waves of attacks to keep the guards at bay. Saya can now care for herself wherever her own journey takes her.

As they fight, Elaina breaks down the problems with this uncomfortable curse. While the king is steadfast in believing this barrier is necessary, Elaina counters his logic with the importance of certain lies like white lies. With her mastery of magic, Elaina is able to destroy the king's sword and return this country to a sense of normalcy. While life may take Elaina and Saya on separate paths, they are prepared to protect themselves.

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