Talentless Nana Just Got Outsmarted by a Surprise Opponent

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Talentless Nana Episode 6, “Necromancer,” now streaming on Funimation.

If last week's episode of Talentless Nana showed that not every student on the island is a sympathetic victim, this episode shows how hard it is to kill these superpowered beings. Episode 6 is definitely one of the more thrilling episodes of Talentless Nana to date, with twists and turns that catch not only the viewers by surprise but also Nana herself in a seemingly inescapable bind.

The episode begins innocuously, with Nana easily diverting Michiru’s question about the picture of her pushing Nanao off the cliff. Nana explains Tsunekichi’s real power is not really seeing the future, but seeing what’s in his dreams. Michiru, a trusting friend, simply believes Nana. However, Nana secretly decides to kill Michiru if she ever gets suspicious.

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Things get tense at Tsunekichi’s funeral when Kyoya raises questions about Tsunekichi’s death and asks for an autopsy. While the class argues with Kyoya, Tsunekichi suddenly sits up from his coffin. A previously unseen classmate named Shinji Kazama shows up and claims to have the power of necromancy, and it's simpler just to ask the dead body what happened instead of having an autopsy. Nana is caught off guard but quickly uses her pretend mind-reading power to speak for Tsunekichi and claims that he is in pain, convincing Shinji and Kyoya to leave Tsunekichi in peace.

Now that Nana knows that Shinji can revive the dead, he is naturally her top target. Shinji rarely shows up in class, so she attempts to get more information about him from his super-strong childhood friend Yuuka Sasaki. Nana deduces from Yuuka’s behavior that they are actually lovers, so she decides to kill them both.

The real twist comes when Nana enacts her plan. It turns out the Yuuka is a real necromancer and Shinji already died five years ago. Looking back, it should be obvious that Nana killing Shinji in his sleep went way too smoothly. However, the viewers and Nana are both tricked into believing that Shinji is the necromancer. They neglected the suspicious signs about him, such as the fact that he's never around in daylight and is clearly much younger than everyone else on the island

Yuuka’s motivation for faking her ability is simpler than Nana's, but arguably more twisted. She believes by pretending to let Shinji have the power of necromancy, the whole class will be impressed by him and be envious of her relationship. Yuuka's clearly portrayed as a classic yandere character. Nana even wonders if Yuuka has multiple personalities.

As twisted as Yuuka is, she is not stupid. She notices strange things happening on the island, but she didn’t care until Nana tries to kill her and Shinji. Now she plans to tell all their classmates about Nana. To her surprise, Nana outright admits to killing all the people and taunts Yuuka by saying at least she does not play with dead people’s bodies. It is difficult to say what Nana is thinking by admitting to her crimes, but she may already have a plan to deal with Yuuka.

As things stand now, Nana is in a very tough situation. Nana needs to first stop Yuuka from telling the classmates about her crimes, and somehow convince Yuuka to let her go, or kill Yuuka without being suspected by others. The most likely way out for Nana is foreshadowed when Nana discovers some of Yuuka’s secrets. There's a long lingering shot of Tsunekichi’s necklace hidden under Yuuka’s bed, along with some other trinkets, like a button and a baseball, so there must be some significance to Nana’s discovery. Her taunting of Yuuka is definitely purposeful, so it is more than likely that Nana will use these objects as evidence against Yuuka and frame her as the real killer.

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