VIDEO: These Are Dragon Ball Super’s Most Powerful Attacks

Since the earliest days of the franchise, the various characters of the Dragon Ball universe have used incredibly powerful attacks in hopes of winning battles against the mightiest fighters in all of anime. And Dragon Ball Super is certainly no different. In this video, we're going through ten of the most powerful attacks in all of Dragon Ball Super and ranking them.

We're starting our list off with Hit's Time Prison attack. Introduced in the Universe Survival Saga Arc, Time Prison is a variation on Hit's Time-Skip attack, which makes him incredibly difficult to strike. With Time Prison, Hit can sacrifice all of the time he's saved for his Time-Skip move and use it to immobilize pretty much anyone. Although the move is effective, Time Prison does have some notable weaknesses. Jiren, for example, was able to break out of the Time Prison using his incredible strength and eventually take his opponent down. So while Time Prison is powerful, Hit is really only able to use it as a last resort.

Check out the video below to see where even more attacks rank on our list, including Hakai, the Spirit Bomb and more.

Created by Akira Toriyama in 1984, the Dragon Ball franchise is one of anime's most successful properties. Over the decades, the original Dragon Ball manga has received several sequel series, including Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super and the non-canon Dragon Ball GT. While there's no indication that the Dragon Ball Super anime will return anytime soon, a new movie in the franchise is slated for 2022.

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New chapters of the Dragon Ball Super manga are released in English monthly through Viz Media. The anime is available to stream on various services.

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