Transformers Anime’s Victory Saber Is Coming to Hasbro

Hasbro's HasLab wants to release a deluxe figure of Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Victory's iconic Victory Saber, but the project will need the backing of 11,000 fans to be released.

If successfully crowdfunded, the new figure of Victory Saber will be the first anime-exclusive Transformers character from the HasLab crowdfunding site. Victory Saber is the combined form of the Autobot warrior Victory Leo and the courageous swordsman Star Saber. Star Saber himself was already a two-step combiner, and was originally formed through the combination of the V-Star battle platform and the robot known as Saber, who was also previously created through the combination of a larger robot body with the Brainmaster of Courage. The new HasLab figure will recreate every original robot and combination required to ultimately create Victory Saber, which means it will also include the first Brainmaster figure to be produced by Hasbro, as well as the first Star Saber figure to be produced outside of the Masterpiece line since 1989.

The various robots who have to combine to create Victory Saber will retain some of the gimmicks of their original figures, such as the Brainmaster of Courage having to be inserted into the chest of the Saber body in order to make the robot's head appear. The Saber figure can also be combined with V-Star Jet in both his Jet alt-mode and his robot mode to form Star Saber. The figures will feature new "butterfly joints" that HasLab says will allow for more posable robots.

Currently, the HasLab crowdfunding campaign has just over 9,000 of the 11,000 backers it needs to fully fund the project and release the Victory Saber figure. Fans can put their money behind the project by pre-ordering Victory Saber for $179.99. If the crowdfunding campaign does not reach the required amount of backers by Oct. 10, the figure will be cancelled and backers will not be charged. Several stretch goals have also been announced, which will add effects parts, a display stand, and possibly more features and accessories to the package if enough backers are found.

Victory Saber is the latest Transformer to be given the HasLab treatment. Most notably, the company produced a $575 recreation of Unicron, the planet-consuming villain from the 1986 Transformers animated movie. The HasLab version of the gigantic Transformer stood over 2 feet tall in his robot form, and had a diameter of 30 inches in its planet alt-mode. The figure received over 10,000 backers and featured fully articulated hands, replaceable chin plates and included a miniature Galvatron so that fans could recreate the scene where Orson Welles-voiced villain effortlessly consumed the Decepticon leader.

Source: HasLab

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