How Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun Sets Up Season 3

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun!, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Season 2 of Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun! took everything that fans loved about Season 1 and expanded on it, from Iruma Suzuki's relationship to his foster grandfather and his growing fame as a powerhouse Babyls student to demonic battles and high school hijinks. Iruma is in this for the long haul, including the upcoming Season 3, which has already been confirmed.

In Season 2, isekai protagonist Iruma Suzuki faced many new personal and battlefield challenges, including his first-ever date with Azazel Ameri, an all-out monster battle at Walter Park, and the confusing possibility that he might in fact become the demon king someday. These plot threads, among others, have room for more expansion and depth in the upcoming Season 3.

Iruma And The Demon King's Legacy

The Netherworld has a massive power vacuum due to the demon king's absence, and many demon higher-ups want Sullivan himself to assume the role. Sullivan refused, but he did explain this role to Iruma, noting that this happy, peaceful realm is the previous king's legacy. Iruma loves this world, and if he had been king, he would have made it the exact same way. If he became king in the future, he'd fight hard to keep it this way. What's more, Iruma's otherworldly origins and his ring of Solomon both match the prophecy concerning the next demon king, while his "evil Iruma" form matches the show's images of a hypothetical demon king. The pieces are coming together, and Season 3 might finally determine whether Iruma will truly become the demon king.

The Fights Are Becoming More Intense

kalego students fighting

Season 2 had bigger and better combat sequences than Season 1, which is less of a plot thread and more of a narrative trend, and this is likely to reach new heights in Season 3. Shows like this tend to gradually up the ante with combat power levels and the stakes involved, and in Season 2, Iruma and his classmates fought three giant monsters as a team, My Hero Academia style. Azazel Ameri fought and defeated a monster all on her own, and Iruma finished off the final monstrous threat with his ring as a true hero. Then, Iruma and his friends faced a huge monster in the forest while hunting for dinner. There seems little doubt Season 3 will feature even more spectacular battle scenes -- and not just high school hijinks. There's no going back now.

Kalego Is Pressuring The Abnormal Class More Than Ever

Kalego deep in thought

Kalego is a tough but fair teacher who hides his pride in his class, the Abnormal Class, and he gruffly encouraged his students to fight their hardest against the monsters at Walter Park. Then, at the very end of Season 2, he announced to the class that every student must reach the Daleth rank, or 4th, to keep using the Royal One classroom. This is the culmination of the Abnormal Class's slow and steady rise to prominence, and the students all have Iruma to thank for getting them this far. Now they have to prove they were worth the effort, and most likely, this will be a major recurring plot thread in Season 3. The pressure's on, and Kalego is watching.

Kiriwo & Baal May Strike Again

Iruma has few true enemies, but he did become a target for Kiriwo, a seemingly innocent and harmless boy who is actually serving Baal, a demon who schemes to rule the Netherworld and return it to a state of chaos, bloodshed and strife. Kiriwo made his first move during the school festival, then struck again from the depths of Walter Park's underground prison, releasing monsters to wreak havoc. He was foiled but not defeated, and slipped away to fight Iruma another day. He and Baal are sure to strike again someday, somehow, and Iruma might not ever see it coming. Kiriwo is patient, clever, resourceful and above all else, cruel -- he's sure to become Iruma's #1 enemy someday, and he and Baal together are likely to be Iruma's greatest obstacle to becoming the demon king.

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