Toolroom and WaterBear Introduce First-Ever Electronic Music and Business BA (Hons) Degree

Next year, WaterBear–The College of Music will become the first college to offer a degree in Electronic Music and Business. 

WaterBear College is located in Brighton, England and specializes in musical studies. To offer some electronic music-specific knowledge to students, the college has partnered with Mark Knight's venerated Toolroom Records.

The program is unique in that it helps students become better producers and then teaches them the ins and outs of the business side of the electronic music industry. The course will be offered with a two-year, online-only option and a three-year, on-campus option.

Enrollees will receive feedback from professional A&R representatives, gain opportunities to perform in real shows, and participate in small class sizes in an effort to augment the quality of education. Students will also be able to book studio time with access to the school's high-end production equipment.

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Toolroom and WaterBear Introduce First-Ever Electronic Music and Business BA (Hons) Degree

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"We are overjoyed to be working with Toolroom Records, a brand we respect as world leading innovators in the Electronic Music Industry," said WaterBear College founder Bruce Dickinson in press release. "It's a unique partnership and the first of its kind, with particular focus on learning from within the electronic music industry. Both WaterBear and Toolroom are deeply committed to making real difference to the artists, producers and DJs of tomorrow."

Those interested in WaterBear College and Toolroom's Electronic Music and Business degree can apply for consideration now. The three-year, on-campus program is set to kick off in September 2022 while the two-year, online-only option is offered in both January and September of 2022. You can apply for the program and learn more about the curriculum here.