Hunter X Hunter: 10 Characters Who Should Train Harder

Hunter x Hunter characters harness incredible power, but some characters are in need of harsher training. Gon and Killua encounter characters of varying skill levels during their adventures, from aspiring students like Zushi to hardened fighters like the Phantom Troupe. Every serious fighter in Hunter x Hunter undergoes training to become stronger, though acquiring strength demands that characters confront personal weaknesses.

Not all characters achieve the strength or goals they desire at the end of the series. Whether due to acts of recklessness, hesitation, or weakness, these characters remain hindered by their flaws. Only extensive training can maximize their potential in combat.

10 Ikalgo Hesitates When Making Critical Decisions

The Chimera Ant Ikalgo's ability to possess corpses and utilize his host's Nen makes him a tricky opponent. However, Ikalgo lacks physical strength and doubts the effectiveness of his plans when facing stronger enemies. Although Ikalgo's ingenuity allowed him to outsmart and incapacitate Bloster, he failed to overcome his hesitation to kill them.

Ikalgo lacks confidence in his ability to make successful life or death decisions. His determination to selflessly protect his friends shows remarkable potential, but Ikalgo would benefit from further training to increase his trust in his combat abilities. Similar hesitation could one day prove deadly.

9 Gon's Talent Is Impeded By His Recklessness

Gon is one of the strongest Hunter x Hunter characters both as a kid and in his adult form. Despite his innate talent, the immense power Gon wields against Neferpitou proves that current Gon is nowhere near his future skill level. Gon has years of harsh training ahead of him before he attains his full Nen potential.

One of Gon's greatest weaknesses is his propensity to start battles he cannot win. When Neferpitou attacked Kite, Gon attempted to interfere despite knowing it was a death sentence. If Gon continues acting recklessly, he must train harder than ever to attain the strength he needs to survive.

8 Knov's Fear Overcomes His Responsibilities

Knov Hunter X Hunter In Despair

As a chosen member of the Chimera Ant Extermination team, Knov is a formidable Hunter with expert command over Nen portals. Despite his experience, Knov's emotions threaten to overcome him in intimidating situations. After sensing Shiapouf's En while scouting the East Gorteau palace, Knov nearly abandons his mission out of despair.

Although Knov heroically returns to the palace to rescue an injured Shoot, his refusal to fight denies his allies extra help they desperately need against the Royal Guards. To prevent future crises from inhibiting his will to fight, Knov needs additional training at maintaining his composure while under stress.

7 Kalluto Struggles To Compete With The Phantom Troupe

Kalluto and Feitan Zoldyck _ Hunter X Hunter

Kalluto Zoldyck wields formidable assassination skills, but his abilities have failed to earn him leadership in the Phantom Troupe. When the Phantom Troupe members competed to determine who could kill Zazan faster, Kalluto lost to Feitan despite his best efforts. Upon learning that Feitan's extraordinary power is considered underperforming, Kalluto realizes how weak his skills still are.

Kalluto still needs intensive training to obtain power equal to the deadliest Phantom Troupe members. As returning Killua home is his sole motivation for seeking control over the Phantom Troupe, Kalluto shows limitless resolve to endure any torment necessary to reunite with his brother.

6 Kite Overestimates His Strength

Kite Crazy Slots Hunter X Hunter

As Ging Freecss' prodigy, Kite is an accomplished Hunter, but his underestimation of the Chimera Ants leads to his tragic death at Neferpitou's hand. Although his Nen ability reincarnates Kite as a female Chimera Ant, Kite retains his human memories. As Kite's reincarnation ability only activates if he dies unwillingly, Kite's best efforts to survive fail to protect himself.

As a Chimera Ant, Kite needs more training to further acclimate to his new form. Since his altered appearance is a constant reminder of his previous failure, additional training in combat will assist Kite with acquiring more strength than ever before.

5 Killua's Nen Abilities Still Have Weaknesses

Killua Running From Chimera Ants Hunter X Hunter

As the Zoldyck family heir, Killua is exceptionally talented for his age, though his techniques still have vulnerabilities. Killua's Godspeed ability grants him supernatural agility, yet he fails to directly outrun Tsubone's Nen-fueled bike when protecting Alluka. Despite his rapid improvement and defiance of Illumi, Illumi still manipulates Killua's psyche given the opportunity.

Killua is undoubtedly powerful, but he still lacks the years of experience that give seasoned fighters like Illumi and Biscuit an edge over him. Training harder against a greater variety of opponents will allow him to adapt his Nen techniques to suit more situations.

4 Zushi Is Still Improving His Nen

Zushi showed emerging potential as a Nen user while competing with Gon and Killua in the Heaven's Arena. Despite his resilience, Zushi cannot match the rapid speed at which Gon and Killua master Nen. The end of the Heaven's Arena Arc leaves Zushi resentful of his continued Nen struggles yet determined to become a formidable adversary.

In the Greed Island Arc, Zushi's increased Nen proficiency allows him to reach the 100th floor of the Heaven's Arena. Although his strength improves, Zushi still has a lot of training ahead of him before he can match the skill of Hunters like Gon and Killua.

3 Welfin Needs More Flexibility With Missileman

Wolf Chimera Ant Welfin Hunter X Hunter

With his ability to launch Nen missiles that torture anyone who defies him, the Chimera Ant Welfin is a terrifying opponent. He holds confidence in Missileman's lethality but panics when enemies like Ikalgo are willing to die to defeat him. When Ikalgo incapacitates Welfin and demands Missileman's deactivation, Welfin laments his inability to control his Nen outside of killing someone.

Welfin lacks strategies for using his Nen in nonhostile ways and becomes vulnerable when opponents aren't intimidated. As he will certainly encounter conflict during his search for Gyro, Welfin needs further training at controlling all aspects of his Nen.

2 Palm Still Needs Experience In Her Chimera Ant Form

Palm Siberia using Black Widow Hunter X Hunter

Palm Siberia's defensive Black Widow and clairvoyance abilities make her a formidable Nen user. However, similar to Kite, Palm becomes a Chimera Ant after being ambushed and altered by the Royal Guard. A newly transformed Palm successfully bests Killua after utilizing her rage as armor and overwhelming his defense with enhanced strength.

Despite improving in offense and defense, Palm hasn't lived long as a Chimera Ant and requires additional time to investigate her new physical abilities. With additional training and experimentation, Palm will become more adept at using her newfound strength advantageously.

1 Meleoron's Invisibility Could Become Even Stronger

The Chimera Ant Meleoron's ability to turn both him and whoever directly touches him invisible creates major combat advantages. With his power, Meleoron enabled Knuckle to strike Menthuthuyoupi undetected when doing so was otherwise unthinkable. Due to his weaker strength, Meleoron relies on stealth to survive.

Meleoron's invisibility only activates when he holds his breath, forcing him to survive without air for long periods. During the assault on Meruem's palace, Meleoron nearly ran out of air several times in front of enemies. By continuously training his lung capacity, Meleoron's invisibility can elevate its reliability and threat potential to greater levels.

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