TONIKAWA: Nasa is CONVINCED He Owes Tsukasa a Dream Wedding

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 3 of TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Nasa Yuzaki studied hard to achieve greatness, but nearly died in a traffic accident. The mysterious moon girl named Tsukasa saved his life, and they promised to marry someday. The wedding day itself, however, never came to pass. Nasa and Tsukasa got married young, and although their marriage is legally recognized, it was pretty bare-bones.

Now, Nasa is starting to think that he owes his mysterious new wife a little more than this. It's time to become Mr. Romance.

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Nasa & Tsukasa Get Another Perspective

Nasa and Tsukasa spent a rather awkward first night together, with Tsukasa missing most basic household items and being a weirdly restless sleeper, among other things. Now it's a new day, and the married couple is overdue for a plain old warm bath. Nasa knows a place, and after a lovely breakfast that Tsukasa whipped up, the Yuzakis walk over to the Arisagawa family bathhouse to take a dip. At the front doors, they meet Nasa's middle school friend Kaname Arisagawa, and she's used to seeing Nasa coming here, but she's not used to seeing a lovely young woman with him. Is that Nasa's girlfriend? No, his wife! Kaname can hardly believe her eyes; how could her upperclassman friend have married so young? Kaname ushers Tsukasa inside free of charge then blocks Nasa's entry and demands a little more from him.

Kaname isn't confident that Nasa is holding up his end of the bargain. He's just 18 years old, and Tsukasa 16. What's more, the marriage is really just the paperwork, with zero rings, white gowns or any real ceremony. Nasa didn't think he would really need any of that for Tsukasa, but what if Kaname was right? As the husband, Nasa owes Tsukasa all the happiness he can give her, and he hasn't delivered the whole package yet. Nasa is getting red in the face as he imagines a proper wedding ceremony with his bride, exchanging gold rings and seeing Tsukasa in a gorgeous white wedding gown. They've been missing out, and it's time to catch up. Kaname won't accept any less.

What The Married Couple Can Give Each Other

nasa imagining wedding dress

Inside the bathhouse, Kaname keeps teasing Nasa about his apparent shortcomings as a married man, while Tsukasa meets Kaname's flustered and apologetic older sister, Aya. Tsukasa learns that the family bathhouse was going deep into debt, but Nasa took the reins when the sister's father ran off, and he used his business acumen to turn things around for the entire bathhouse. Nasa is handy with studying, money and business, and that's a great foundation for starting a smoothly-running household with his new wife. Nasa can provide, and Tsukasa is a loyal lover who's helpful in the house as well as a personal bodyguard.

On the walk home, Nasa and Tsukasa just happen to pass by a church that's bustling with people, and Nasa perks up when he sees the happy newlyweds on the front steps. Why wasn't that groom him? Now it's hitting him harder than ever: he can only make Tsukasa happy with a proper wedding and all its frills, and he's determined to make it happen. He'll shoot for the stars, like NASA, and Tsukasa is in for the treat of a lifetime... probably.

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