TONIKAWA: 5 Questions We Want Answered in Season 2

Over the course of its 12-episode first season, TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You turned the rom-com genre on its head. The co-leads, Nasa Yuzaki and Tsukasa, got married within two episodes' time, and they are getting ready to form a household together. However, even with the paperwork signed, there are plenty of lingering questions.

There's no doubt that Nasa and Tsukasa are sincerely in love; their marriage isn't some scheme or trick. But even with domestic bliss on their hands, Nasa and Tsukasa have a few questions left to answer, and TONIKAWA has some room left for exploration in an eventual Season 2 (or perhaps in the announced OVA episode).

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How Old Is Tsukasa?

The first major plot point of TONIKAWA is Tsukasa's heroic rescue of Nasa Yuzaki one night, and she suffered strangely few injuries during a near-fatal traffic accident one snowy night. She appeared about 16 years old, and the show suggested that Tsukasa may have some parallels with Kaguya the moon goddess, including eternal life. Nothing is confirmed either way, but still, Tsukasa drops some hints that she's been around a lot longer than sixteen years.

When Nasa finds her again two years later, she still looks the same age, and she isn't at all interested in modern technology or luxury goods -- only human connection, an age-old commodity. When the newlywed Yuzakis visit Nara Prefecture and its historic sites, Tsukasa comments on ancient buildings and long-gone cities (and their inhabitants) as though she had been there. She could also read classical Japanese texts that no modern Japanese person could read without serious study... or having come from the same time period.

What Will Tsukasa Do Next?

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Tsukasa loves her new husband and is having a good time setting up a modest but comfortable household with him. She, like the series as a whole, starts off at the finish line (true love and marriage), meaning the future is really about justifying this marriage and relationship. What will Tsukasa and Nasa do to prove that they belong together and that they can handle this enormous responsibility? They are working backward, and Tsukasa has to do her part.

So far, she is evidently a NEET, having formidable homemaking skills and solid interpersonal skills but little else. The question stands as to whether she will keep this up, or surprise Nasa and the viewers with newfound employment or enrolling at a local school or college. And there is no doubt that her husband will support her if she does.

What Will Chitose Do Next?

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Chitose is Tsukasa's foster sister, and when she appeared in the story, she hotly objected to the marriage and wanted to bring Tsukasa back home. This created conflict and gave viewers a chance to probe the mysteries of Tsukasa's background, but after a Street Fighter brawl, Chitose finally made peace with her foster sister and Nasa, leaving them alone on good terms.

Chitose has fulfilled her role in the story to provide external conflict, so where will she go from here? She might be written out of the story entirely, or she could become a peripheral character who makes funny comments or does favors for Tsukasa from time to time. In any case, it's likely that her role will be diminished, but to what extent is not yet clear.

Will Nasa Resume His Original Dream?

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Nasa Yuzaki was named after the American NASA program; his parents dreamed that he would blast off for the stars and find success. He studied hard and developed a strong sense of maturity and responsibility early on, then lost all that when he was hospitalized and missed his college entrance exams. Now he's working simple jobs and saving up money, and he's living a stable but modest lifestyle in an apartment. Now Tsukasa and marriage are in the picture, and Nasa is starting to feel empowered.

He's wondering he can find a way to make his marriage blast off for the stars, but then again, will Nasa also blast off on his own accord? He's a smart and responsible kid; surely, he can accomplish anything if he sets his mind to it, such as working for Japan's own space program or something similar. Marriage doesn't have to entirely define either Tsukasa's or Nasa's life; he needs a project all to himself. Will he reach for the stars again in Season 2?

Will Nasa Throw That Big Wedding?

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Nasa and Tsukasa are definitely married, but only on paper and in their hearts. Their legal union is solid, but Nasa is vaguely disappointed that there were no bells and whistles. In fact, neither Tsukasa's nor Nasa's families were informed of this marriage, and of course, there was no ceremony. Tsukasa is fine with skipping that big party, while Nasa is convinced that for his bride's happiness, he must throw a big wedding bash, no matter what.

At the very least, he went out to buy wedding bands for them both, and he's not done yet. After seeing another married couple's ceremony while walking down the street, Nasa decided once and for all that Tsukasa will also get her big day, but when, and how? It's not simple or cheap to throw a wedding, even a simple one. Season 2 may explore Nasa's attempt to throw this big party. Time will tell if he succeeds, or if Tsukasa even wants this at all.

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