Tokyo Revengers: The Biggest Questions Before the Bloody Halloween Arc

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Episode 12, "Revenge," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Tokyo Revengers' first cour ends with a literal bang. Protagonist Takemichi thinks he's done the impossible and changed the future to achieve a happier outcome, only to end up watching both his beloved Hina and his best friend die in front of his eyes.

Tokyo Revengers' next arc, titled "Bloody Halloween," hints that the anime will dive into Toman's origin next, culminating in a fight between them and Valhalla. Episode 12 sets up this storyline nicely, with Takemichi declaring he will become the new head of Toman, but it also leaves fans with a lot of questions for the next arc to answer.

Kisaki's Official Entrance Is Coming Up - But What Does He Want?

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Strangely, Tokyo Revengers hasn't shown Kisaki except in brief glimpses. We know that in the first timeline, he was one of the leaders of Toman alongside Mikey and was a major reason why the gang had become so corrupt. Although he hasn't officially appeared, he has made his presence known. His influence is so terrifying that Osanai can't even name him and Akkun is powerless to refuse his orders, leading him to make awful choices. One thing is clear though: Kisaki is the primary cause of Toman's downfall.

The question is, what is Kisaki's motivation? Why Toman? How does he rise so quickly up the ranks that he essentially replaces Draken as Mikey's right-hand man in the future?

Why Is Hina a Murder Target?

tokyo revengers hina saves takemichi

In Episode 1, Hina dies in a seemingly random accident when a truck crashes into a festival, killing her and her brother Naoto. Takemichi thought if he stopped Mikey and Kisaki from meeting in the past, then he would prevent Hina's death. Evidently, that isn't true because she still ends up dying without Kisaki ever stepping into Toman, but what's stranger is the circumstance of her death in Episode 12. It wasn't random -- Hanma was clear that it was a targeted murder and he had intended to kill both Hina and Takemichi.

If murdering Takemichi doesn't make much sense, then murdering Hina makes zero. So far, Hina has had very little interaction with gangs other than Toman and Takemichi. She's also one of the most likable characters in Tokyo Revengers, so why would someone be so desperate to kill her?

Does Mikey Know Takemichi Is a Time Traveler?

tokyo revengers mikey confronts takemichi

Shortly after saving Draken and being entrusted with Mikey's very first Toman uniform, Takemichi meets the gang leader up on the roof of the hospital. Mikey is pensive and wonders why certain things, like Kiyomasa's attempted murder of Draken, have happened. But most of all, he's curious about how Takemichi seems to be one step ahead of everyone else. Takemichi is uneasy, unsure how much Mikey knows, but he doesn't pursue the matter any further.

Although Mikey brushes it aside, it doesn't change the fact that he knows there's something different about Takemichi. At the very least, Mikey knows he's a friend who can be trusted. Whether or not he will make the leap to Takemichi being a time traveler is unclear.

How Will Takemichi Become Toman's Leader?

tokyo revengers takemichi vow head of toman

Losing Hina and Akkun means Takemichi has to shift gears. Initially, he had rather small goals such as stopping Mikey and Kisaki from meeting each other and preventing Draken from dying, but it hasn't been enough. He'll have to do something big. Declaring he'll become Toman's new leader is an outlandish claim considering who the current head is, but Takemichi is nothing if not stubborn.

How is he going to do it though? Let's face it: Takemichi would be punched ten times before he can throw his first. It's unlikely he'll try to overthrow Mikey, not just because he isn't strong enough but he genuinely likes and respects Mikey. Not to mention, he has only just entered Toman and doesn't even have a ranking. If Takemichi wants to aim for the top in Tokyo Revengers, he has a long road ahead of him.

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