Tokyo Revengers: A Fateful Choice Splits the Toman Gang in Two

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Episode 7, "Revive," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Time is running out for Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers. As August 3 draws ever closer, Mikey and Draken's fight -- and the latter's impending death -- looms over their heads. Although we saw in Episode 5 how important and needed Draken is in steering Mikey and Toman toward the light, in Episode 7, it's revealed that his good intentions may have hurt his leader.

Mikey's unwavering loyalty to his friends is both his strength and weakness. He would burn the whole world for them and not care that he's caught up in the flames.

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The young Osanai in the past timeline couldn't have been more different from his present counterpart: blond hair, a much crueler light in his eyes, and seemingly always raring for a fight. He immediately starts punching Takemichi just because he dislikes the way he's looking at him. Takemichi is unexpectedly saved by Pah-chin, who wants his go at Osanai as revenge for what he did to his friend and girlfriend. Although Pah-chin is a strong fighter, Osanai soon gets the best of him. It's a true testament to Pah-chin's will that he remains standing despite being half-conscious with a broken nose.

Takemichi and Peh-yan try to help but Mikey stops them both. He won't get in the way of Pah-chin's fight when it's obvious that he hasn't given up. And if he hasn't quit, then he hasn't lost the fight. After a few more rounds, Pah-chin lurches and collapses into Mikey's arms. The image of Mikey standing with his back straight and strong, supporting Pah-chin while the other gang looks on, fully embodies the kind of leader Mikey is in Tokyo Revengers. He is Toman's unfaltering pillar and says as much when he declares, "Toman belongs to me. As long as I have its back, none of us are gonna lose." Mikey is Toman.

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Mikey roundhouse kicks Osanai, stunning the rest of Moebius as well as Takemichi. But Osanai isn't completely down yet -- he pulls himself up, grabs a broken bottle and charges at Mikey with a yell. Draken immediately jumps in between the two with his arms thrown out and Takemichi watches in horror, thinking he's going to witness Draken die in front of his eyes. But Draken easily incapacitates Osanai and tells the Moebius leader that the reason why he lost -- and Draken emphasizes that he lost to Mikey -- was because he strayed from the path of the delinquent. Moebius, Draken announces, will now be affiliated with Toman.

At that moment, they hear police sirens and Toman makes a run for it. Pah-chin comes back to consciousness enough to stab Osanai with a knife. Mikey is horrified but he won't abandon his friend and yells at Pah-chin to run. But Pah-chin refuses -- he'll do the right thing and turn himself in. Draken drags Mikey and Peh-yan away, leaving the 3rd Squad Captain alone to await his fate.

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Pah-chin's choice and Draken not helping him escape causes a rift in Toman, dividing the gang into those who support Mikey and those who support Draken. Because of his injuries, Takemichi is forced to rest and can't do much. The days pass and it's already August 1st, two days before Draken's fated death.

Draken goes to visit Takemichi and tells him Pah-chin will be in jail for at least a year. What's more, Draken wants nothing to do with Mikey anymore. Takemichi chases after Draken and is met with an unexpected sight: Mikey was just about to go in to see Takemichi. The two leaders start bickering about who Takemichi is best buddies with, then get mad when he tries to interject. It gets worse when they start insulting each other with names like "beanpole" and "shrimpy" and completely unravels when they break out into a full-on fight and destroy Takemichi's childhood possessions like his bike, baseball bat, and skateboard.

Pah-chin made the right decision to give himself up but Mikey is the last person in Tokyo Revengers to allow a friend to be sent to jail, even if he knows his comrade is in the wrong. Mikey always puts his friends and Toman above all else. Draken couldn't allow him to 'save' Pah-chin because he knew it would only be prolonging the inevitable -- Mikey wouldn't really be helping him.

As much as Mikey appreciates Draken being his moral compass, he still feels betrayed because he thinks Draken should be trying to help Pah-chin out of this mess. Angry as they are at each other, Mikey and Draken's 'fight' in Episode 7 is less personal and more about the circumstances, hence why they were hurting the items in their vicinity rather than each other.