Edwin Rosen Drops A Euphoric ‘Verschwende deine Zeit (Waste Your Time)’

German electronic and dance music producer Edwin Rosen returns with his latest, electrifying up-tempo offering, Verschwende deine Zeit (Waste Your Time). As his fifth official release, the single marks a turning point in Rosen’s musical career, catapulting him from a relatively unknown bedroom producer to a highly popular and respected musician that has now clocked well over 3 million streams for his previous single ‘Leichter//kälter’, released in January 2021.

Creating music purely as a means of personal catharsis and enjoyment, Rosen takes his inspiration from  the likes of Joy Division, Boy Harsher and Molchat Doma, calling his music “Neueneue Deutsche Welle” which loosely translates to ‘New-new German Wave’, his modern-day reimagining of new wave/post-punk music which sprung out of West Germany back in the 1980s, with heavy rock and electronic influences. This newly coined word is the only information that can be found on Rosen’s Spotify biography, unlike many upcoming artists in their early 20’s, Rosen prefers to keep his personal life out of the limelight and let his music speak for itself.

“You might not hear it now, but Blink-182 were a very important band for me. They made me want to make music on my own. ‘Through All Of This’ on which Robert Smith sings, I then discovered The Cure. Besides, I’m a skater and I watched a lot of skater videos using Cure songs or New Order. Then when I started making music, I really wanted to be able to record everything on my own, that influenced the instrumentation a lot, of course.”Edwin Rosen