Tokyo Ghoul: Akira Mado’s Personal Quest to Become the ULTIMATE Ghoul Slayer

In the original story of Tokyo Ghoul, the city streets are never safe. Flesh-eating ghouls roam the night and prey on passing people, and it's up to CCG investigators to find and destroy them, at any cost. A rising star in the CCG is the young woman known as Akira Mado.

Akira Mado wasn't yet on the scene when Ken Kaneki was accepted into the Anteiku cafe by Mr. Yoshimura, but if she were there, she would have gunned down Ken on the spot, no matter Ken's compassion for humans. She's that much of a professional, both on the clock and off-duty alike, and hates ghouls more than almost anyone else.

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The Rising Star

Akira was exposed to the CCG's way of doing things from a young age, since her parents were both CCG investigators themselves. Akira looked up to both of them, and was on the fast track to enroll at the academy and follow their footsteps. Tragedy struck when her mother, Kasuka Mado, was killed in a raid in the 24th ward to hunt the One-Eyed Owl, fueling Akira and her father's intense hatred of all ghouls. They sought revenge on the One-Eyed Owl in particular, but until then, any ghoul would do.

Akira was a stoic and obedient child, getting along well with her father and enrolling in the academy as planned. There, she quickly proved her worth, inspiring a rivalry with a certain Seido Takizawa (since she kept outperforming him). She soon graduated and joined the CCG, but she didn't get a chance to work alongside her father, who also killed in the line of duty fighting Touka Kirishima, the "rabbit ghoul."

Akira accepted her assignment to her senior Kotaro Amon and began work. Akira never disobeyed an order and didn't seek personal vengeance on her own against the rabbit ghoul. In her professionalism, Akira acted as a model CCG investigator -- her heart would never falter in its drive to obliterate ghouls, but breaking the rules was out of the question. It wasn't long before she was asked to come along for some high-risk missions, despite her relative lack of experience. At least she had some good quinques on hand; she was an avid collector of them, just like her father. To her, the ghouls she would face would be nothing more than quinque farms.

On The Front Lines

akira mado

Akira wasn't afraid to leap right into the action and use her academy training. As Kotaro Amon's partner, she was bound to get thrust right into the most perilous situations, and she got a light taste of combat when the CCG launched a frontal assault on the Aogiri Tree gang's hideout. Akira survived that battle practically unscathed, and she was just getting started. Next, Akira was part of a CCG squad that raided a mansion belonging to Dr. Kano, where Ken Kaneki's group was clashing with Aogiri Tree-associated ghouls, including Naki and the twin sisters Kurono and Nashiro Yasuhisa. Akira fought well in this three-way battle, facing the powerful Cochlea convict Naki and suffering an injury at his hands.

While recovering, Akira finally began to show her more vulnerable side, perhaps due to the psychological stress of being in real combat. After just one drink while eating out with her co-workers, she admitted to hating Kotaro Amon for allowing Kureo Mado to get killed, and she later broke down crying, dearly missing her veteran father. Kotaro took Akira back to her place to make sure she recovered, and by the next morning, she was back to her old aloof self, ready for action. She wouldn't let that bite in her leg slow her down for long.

Finally, Akira was there for the huge raid on Anteiku, in the operation to slay the One-Eyed Owl at last. She survived this battle too, despite the vicious chaos swirling around her, but she was powerless to rescue her allies and friends, Seidou and Kotaro Amon. Once again, Akira's will was being tested; the One-Eyed Owl had survived the raid, and her two closest co-workers had (apparently) been slain. After the battle, Akira admitted to herself that she really did like Kotaro Amon as a dear friend, and she couldn't hate him or blame him for Kureo Mado's death. Instead, she visited her father's grave later and explained that she'd reached rank 1, and she would be taking on a junior investigator. She turned around to meet said investigator, a rank 3 agent named Haise Sasaki.

It was time for a new chapter in Akira Mado's grief-stricken, violent life, and perhaps, at last, things would change for the better.

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