Ikebukuro: A Dangerous Shadow Threatens To Wreck West Gate Park’s Balance

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 6 of Ikebukuro West Gate Park, "G-Boys Winter War, Part 1" now streaming on Funimation.

Blood is spilled and trust is broken in Episode 6 of Ikebukuro West Gate Park. Someone is prowling around Ikebukuro, causing a rift among the G-Boys when members start turning up black and blue. Plus, and perhaps for the first time ever, Makoto finds himself getting in a little too deep into the G-Boys, despite making his stance clear that he isn't part of any gang. But war is about to break out, and Makoto may get caught up in it if he isn't careful.

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Animals vs. G-Boys

ikebukuro west gate park ep 6 shadow

Members of the different teams that make up the G-Boys are getting thoroughly beaten up by a gang of people wearing animal masks -- ranging from rabbits to giraffes. One of them calls themselves the "Shadow." A member of the G-Boys named Crow tells Makoto that Hiroto, who is often the one to accompany Takashi, believes that it was the King who ordered the attack because Hiroto wants to take Takashi's place one day and this is the King's warning.

The attacks continue but Takashi is MIA, so Makoto goes to meet Saru, a former classmate of his who is now the PR head of the Hidaka Group. Saru tells him that the head of the Hidaka Group fears that these fights mean that the precarious balance that was struck in Ikebukuro might be gone. While each team has a zone they're in charge of, it's largely the G-Boys who are in control. "The underworld and the G-Boys hold Ikebukuro in balance."

Makoto Is In Danger


Nobody knows who Shadow is -- whether it's a one-person job or a team. All they know is that they do jobs for an exorbitant price. Saru warns Makoto that he's not part of the G-Boys so if he doesn't know the boundaries between him and them, he'll be in trouble. This 'prophecy' very nearly plays out, too.

Makoto meets Hiroto, known as "Knight," who believes that Takashi is targeting him because it's only his teams who are getting hurt. Though Makoto placates him, Hiroto warns that he'll only wait until his team gets attacked again. After that, all bets are off.

Makoto then meets Kyouichi and Tomomi, with the former telling him the Red Angels have no reason to start a war and he doesn't want to endanger his guys. However, if they get caught up in it, there will be no mercy. As Makoto heads home, he hears footsteps behind him, getting closer and closer. But every time he turns back, spooked, all he can see is a pair of gray shoes. Whoever it is doesn't do anything, and backs away. Makoto is most definitely in danger.

The Knight Abandons the King

ikebukuro west gate park ep 6 hiroto

Makoto finally reaches Takashi who isn't surprised about Hiroto. Takashi confesses that he doesn't know whether he can protect Makoto, which is why he cut off all contact. This has the opposite effect, angering Makoto as he thinks Takashi is underestimating him. Takashi begrudgingly lets him help, though, telling him to drag The Shadow out into the light, while Makato makes him promise not to do anything against Hiroto's faction.

Later on, Makoto points out that the Donglong guys were also attacked but Hiroto doesn't seem to care. Ignoring Makoto's promises to track down The Shadow, Hiroto exclaims that he's not going to take orders from Takashi anymore and leaves the G-Boys. The war, Hiroto declares, has already begun.

The episode ends with Kyouichi sitting alone, gazing pensively with a small smile. Some random shots of the Red Angels could hint that they may be involved The Shadow but it's too early to tell whether that's a red herring or not. One thing's for sure: the G-Boys are starting to break apart and if Makoto can't find The Shadow soon, it'll be too late.

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