To Your Eternity: The Nokkers’ Zombie Ability Has Gut-Wrenching Implications

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for To Your Eternity Episode 18, “To Continue On,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The Nokkers return once more to try and beat the immortal Fushi in To Your Eternity Episode 18, and it proves to be one of his most difficult battles yet -- in more ways than one. Killing them had already been hard enough with their impermeable armor but this time, the destructive monsters are specifically targeting Fushi's weakness: his humanity.

to your eternity tonari new story

Before Tonari can rescue Fushi, the immortal escapes his own prison. The two plan on leaving Jananda but a storm prevents them from leaving right away. Tonari tells Fushi about how her father laughed when he won the fighting tournament, leading her to believe her father killed her mother. Fushi isn't so sure and speculates the two incidents were separate, but Tonari isn't convinced.

Just before they depart, the Creator alerts Fushi of some Nokkers that have started attacking Jananda. Although they don't appear to be hunting Fushi, he can't just leave knowing the island's people are in danger. An angry Tonari argues that half the people on Jananda don't deserve to live because they're criminals, but Fushi leaves anyway.

to your eternity oopa possessed

To Your Eternity has already shown how formidable the Nokkers are through their adaptability, learning from each new encounter against Fushi and changing their attack methods every time. They discover the corpse pit and take control of the bodies, turning them into grotesque zombies. Soon, the whole island is crawling with Nokker-possessed corpses.

Armed with only a sword, Fushi prepares to kill the first Nokker but, dead or not, this is a human being. He steels himself and stabs the Nokker-woman -- but misses the core. Tonari suddenly appears and finishes the job, declaring she won't leave Jananda without Fushi. Tonari's other friends have also escaped the ship and return to help as well.

The youngest member of Tonari's crew, Oopa, gets her ankle caught by a Nokker tendril. Everyone else has run ahead but Fushi turns back when he feels Oopa's pain as the Nokker enters her body. Unaware of what's just happened, Mia goes to aid Oopa. Unfortunately, Nokker-Oopa stabs her in the middle with a spear as a tear trickles down her cheek.

to your eternity uroy sacrifices himself

The rest of the group finds a place to hide for a few minutes as they frantically work to save Mia, but Fushi is at a loss. This isn't the first time he's been forced to realize how powerless he is -- immortality doesn't give him any special powers other than being helpless to watch as his friends die.

Fushi goes out to meet Oopa and transforms into Parona, who has the best combat skills of all his vessels. The Nokker is in full control of Oopa's body, but all Fushi can remember is her kindness from the past. He stops with his blade a few inches from Oopa's core and ultimately surrenders Parona's body to the Nokker.

Tonari and her friends try to relocate to a new hiding place but Mia's foot gets caught by another Nokker. Uroy already knows what's going to happen and urges his friends to run. The Nokker begins crawling through Mia and Uroy's bodies, but the latter slices off his arm to slow the possession and sprints to Fushi, yelling at him to turn into something small.

As soon as Fushi turns into the mole, Uroy flings him into the air where Tonari's owl, Ligard, catches him. More and more of Fushi's friends are coming under the Nokkers' control, putting him and everyone else on the island in danger. Will To Your Eternity force Fushi to kill his former friends to save those who are still alive, or is there another solution to be found?

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