Pokémon Store ‘Celebrates’ Closing With a Final, Heartwarming Message

The Okayama branch of the Pokémon Store is thanking its customers and wishing them goodbye in a heartwarming way.

While the Pokémon Store has been a staple of Okayama City's Aeon Mall for many years, the store will permanently close its doors on Aug. 31. While many fans have been rushing to experience one last shopping trip, some have noticed a unique message on their receipts. Twitter user @koebito posted his receipt, writing, "The receipt from the Pokémon Store is killing me." As one can see, there is an item at the bottom for 0 yen. SoraNews24 translated the item description, revealing it reads, "Thank you for everything until now. We love you."

Since posting, @koebito's tweet has gone viral across social media with many commenters echoing @koebito's sentiments. One comment reads, "That's one receipt I'd never be able to throw away." Another Twitter user states, "Now I really regret not shopping there more often when I had the chance."

"I've been to that store with my daughter so many times. We even lined up for their lucky bags at New Year's…I want one of those receipts too, so we’ll have to go again before the end of the month," a third comment explains.

While the Okayama Pokémon Store will soon close its doors, Japanese fans of the Pokémon franchise will not have to worry about where to buy plushies, pins and other Poké-merch because the Pokémon Center's online store ships nationwide.

While Pokémon fans may mourn the loss of the Okayama merchandise store, they still have several major games to look forward to in the next few months. On Nov. 11, trainers can leap back into the Sinnoh region with Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl. Then, on Jan. 28, players will be able to explore an ancient version of Sinnoh, known as the Hisui region, in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Both games will release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Twitter, via SoraNews24

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