To Your Eternity: Fushi’s Latest Transformation Unveils [SPOILER]’s Fate

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for To Your Eternity Episode 14, “Jananda, Island of Freedom,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

After being thrown on an island in last week's To Your Eternity, Fushi has to find some way to escape with Pioran. However, Jananda Island is much more dangerous than he thought when an old enemy manages to track him down after many years. Fushi experiences yet another heartbreak, so soon after Gugu's death, when he transforms into someone who had previously saved him.

to your eternity hayase licking fushi

Fushi is thrown into a gladiator-esque situation where hundreds of men fight to the death in an enormous arena. His immortality could see him win easily, but he's conflicted -- he wants to save Pioran but he'll have to expose himself, potentially creating a war among those who want to use him as a weapon. In the end, he has no choice and wins, but not without suffering pain with weapons lobbed at every part of his body.

That's not the end of the danger, though -- Fushi still has to fight the winners from the other seven rounds. Whoever emerges as victor will have a wish granted, but that means killing people. After what happened to Gugu and Fushi's inadvertent role in his death, he can't bear the thought of intentionally murdering others now. Seeking advice from the Creator proves no help, as he merely says death is something everyone has to face.

Sometimes humans will get to choose when they die, as Gugu did in sacrificing himself trying to save Fushi. The Creator continues and says the prisoners are similar in that vein: they're all choosing to die because they want to gain something. Therefore, Fushi shouldn't feel guilty if he does end up having to kill them. Later that night, a hooded figure walks up to Fushi's sleeping body. She leans in and licks his face, revealing the scarred features of Hayase.

to your eternity tonari hand brand

Jananda Island is a lawless paradise for the immoral in To Your Eternity. Three churches surround the arena but they're nothing more than symbols for upholding the law. Even those who live on the island like Tonari, the girl who deceived Fushi and Pioran, seem utterly nonchalant, smiling and laughing. Despite the horrifying sight of hanging corpses at an entrance way, Tonari brushes it off in a blasé manner.

Death and murder are normalized on Jananda, practically welcomed, in fact, in order to "keep the peace." And it makes sense given the island's history -- after being abandoned by the original nation that originally used it as a prison, the residents are the ones in control.

to your eternity parona fushi transformation

Fushi's opponent, the Berserker of Zumla, does everything he can to defeat Fushi, even resorting to chewing a piece of his arm off. Unable to take it, Fushi first transforms into Joaan and then Gugu. But the Berserker shows no signs of relenting, so Fushi panics, trying to think of some way to win without killing him.

Suddenly he remembers Parona's words from long ago in To Your Eternity, when they were captured by Hayase. At the time, Fushi had not been able to speak but he remembered how she once said it would be wrong of her to seek purpose in another's life and death.

With that, Fushi transforms once more but into Parona's form, which means only one thing: she is dead. He doesn't have any time to consider the implications before the Berserker lunges again. Parona's body lends Fushi enough lightness to avoid her opponent's attacks and he wins the round. All the while, Hayase is watching in the crowd, adding yet another mystery as To Your Eternity continues.

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