The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2: Trailer, Plot, Release Date & News to Know

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 1 was one of the more popular shows of the Winter 2019 anime season. Through his own efforts, Naofumi made a place for himself in a world where the odds were set against him. Fortunately, both a second and a third season have been confirmed to be produced within the next few years. Here's what we know about the upcoming Season 2.

The Story So Far

The first season detailed Naofumi's rise as a shield hero. Unlike the other three heroes of the realm who were spoiled by the king and princess, Naofumi faced hardship from the onset of his adventure. After being used by the people that he originally had faith in and discarded through a false rape accusation, he became more cynical about the world while relying on himself to become stronger. At his lowest point, he engaged in things such as a slavery contract to ensure that his follower wouldn't betray him as the others did. Over the course of his adventure, Naofumi eventually found true friendship, surpassing the other heroes.

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Season 1 ended on the reveal there are other heroes from other worlds to contend with, so Naofumi has his work cut out for him if he intends to protect this world. Due to the fact he is undoubtedly the only hero from his world remotely prepared to fight against other more powerful heroes, his rivals have some catching up to do in order to fight him.

Naofumi mentioned in the previous season how he intends to leave the kingdom that kept all of the heroes to themselves. The meddling of the former king and princess interfered with Naofumi's beginnings, keeping him from exploring the rest of the realm that the heroes were originally intended to share responsibility for. This gives Naofumi the opportunity to explore more of the world while fighting against oncoming waves of enemies.


The trailer for the second season doesn't have a lot of raw information to digest, but it does hint at the future while reminiscing on some key moments from the past. After seeing the book that Naofumi first encounters before being transported to a new world, the trailer starts off with the courtroom scene where all of the heroes first encountered the king. Following that are moments where both Raphtalia and Filo share moments of their past that they reminisce on. Whether it be in Filo's gratitude for being raised by Naofumi or Naofumi's acceptance of the past, all of this feels like they have developed from their respective starting points.

After these three have their turns, the book from before opens up to a new scene. The way that the book is used to introduce the various scenes gives the impression that the book is being updated with their various adventures. On top of that, the new scene shows them outside of a building marked by a green flag, which feels fitting considering that Naofumi wears green as his primary color. While no dialogue is presented, the few moments of extra footage reveal a number of side characters that Naofumi is going to encounter on his adventures. Their roles in the story are unknown, but considering the previous cast of loveable characters, these new ones might be interesting.

Release Date

The second season of The Rising Of A Shield Hero is set to air sometime in 2021.

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